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Friday, March 28, 2014

T.K. Pattammal birthday

T.K. Pattammal widely known as tamil Krishnaswamy Pattammal 1919 - the year was born on March 28. He is a renowned karnatic singer. Kanchipuram belonged. Singer Nityasri  Mahadevan, is his granddaughter.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014

Soundararajan birthday

March 24 Tamil play back singer
T.M.Soundararajan birthday

Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 24 2013, India beat Australia

March 24  2013, India beat Australia 4-0 in a Test series for the first time

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tamil actress sangeetha birthday

Sangeetha 22 Mar 1975
Tamil actress sangeetha birthday

Australia beat India in the World Cup final

In this day, Australia beat India in the World Cup final 2002 .

G.D Naidu's birthday

March 23: India's edition of the popular GD Naidu's birthday today ..

He's touched, GD Naidu achieving all sectors.
Having left school with a fourth man, a white lanseyar to
Adding money to buy the bike was working at the hotel, divided
Achieved along. The bus starts at the 600 - plus buses
'll Too high. Government support is completely lacking.
AC powered, off cuts from shaving Racer Do
Developed in the fifties.

Valaittar thousand pieces in one piece to the revolution
He agricultural scientist. Cinema destroy the youth of this country,
Political, media, parents, and just as I clearly
Said. Best Engineering College of Engineering, Guindy, including
Colleges, most students are capable of forming five-year period,
In the same year he created the show and some of the caste

While otikkont increase its rate of vibration of the engine, to find out how to lower the vibrator tester machine. A tool to extract the juice, no  to pogonotomy blade, various locks (locks thousands) Master Key opens his other inventions etc.. Today, we look at buses and ticket printing machine Fifty years ago, he was implementing its own buses.

India launched the first electric motor manufacturing ivarale. Finding he had failed to file the election rigging electrician ottuppativu machine to do. He created a number of radio programs in seventy rupees standstill without government cooperation. Many great discoveries prove that the country was ready to continue his troubled state. Old iron ore produced from the buses line up. Atikamakippe damn nuisance to divorce his wife, he escaped from paying income tax.

He is an insertion of the workshop, the following verse irukkumam drawn. 'To do their job without having to go through the 25 rupee fine, so get one step'. He said all this in mind, we can stop lines:

Step up to the age of 21, after ten years of working in any field, then you are in the course of ten years of professional experience. For at least the next two years, subject to the mortgage industry, then your education, enlightenment and everything to help others do the work '

Bhagat Singh Memorial Day

March 23: emancipator of India Bhagat Singh Memorial Day Today
Bhagat Singh Death Day

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