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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Former boxing champion Mike Tyson Birthday: June 30, 1966

Former boxing champion Mike Tyson Birthday: June 30, 1966 Former boxing champion Mike Tyson Birthday June 30 1966
Celebrity Boxing Champion Mike Tyson in June 1966, the same day the United States was born in Brooklyn in New York. He and his brother Rodney and sister tenice. Mike Tyson is 2 years old when his father abandoned his family, Jimmy Kirkpatrick. Lorne Smith Mike Tyson's mother instilled in him in his care.

Mike Tyson was 10 years old when his family Bedford - stivecant migrated to piravunsville Notwithstanding the financial burdens. His mother died six years later. 16-year-old Mike Tyson boxing manager and trainer Cus D'Amato lived in their care.

Throughout his childhood, Tyson lived in high-crime environment. He continues to be caught committing petty crimes. And listen to his loud voice and kindergartens fighting those who ridiculed. Mike Tyson was arrested 38 times in his 13 years of age.

Tyson, the Tryon School for Boys in New York, graduated from Georgetown. Juvenile player, Bobby Stewart, the school counselor and former boxer Mike Tyson's boxing ability realized. Boxer Mike Tyson to be considered irreplaceable. Mike Tyson trained for a few months.

He came out of a successful heavyweight champion, WBC, WBA and IBF world heavyweight titles and became the youngest man to win. His 20 - year old won the WBC title. Mike Tyson Boxing ferocious and style throughout his career including, as well as well-known for his controversial behavior both inside and outside the ring. At the same time, the WBA, WBC and IBF titles was held the first heavyweight champion.

'Young cracker', 'Iron Mike' and 'bad man of the world' was the nickname. Mike Tyson blow his first 19 professional boxing matches, hallucinogens, 12 in the first round. He was to become heavyweight champion of the world's most successful unified the belts in the splintered heavyweight division in the late 1980s. On February 11, 1990 in Tokyo by James Buster Douglas KO in round 10 of the 42 - to-1 Mike Tyson lost his title when he lost the point counts.

In 1992, Tyson was convicted of sexually assaulting Desiree Washington, having spent three years in prison. While in prison, he converted to Islam. After being released from prison in 1995, he participated in a series of fights back. Katittatarku part of Holyfield's ear during a match in 1997, Mike Tyson was disqualified for match ended in shocking fashion. In 2002 he was again at his 35th title fight and lost by knockout to Lennox Lewis. In 2005, Danny Williams, Mike Tyson and Kevin McBride retired from boxing after two consecutive knockout defeats.

Mike Tyson for his boxing is $ 30 million, grossed $ 300 million during his career never declared bankruptcy in 2003. Ring Magazine's 100 greatest punchers of all time is ranked 16th in the list.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Apple released his first cell phone June 29 2007

Apple released the first day of the first cell phone: 29 2007 apple cellphone sales first times
Apple computers are the first manufacturing company in 2007 - on June 29 - was released on his cell phone.

The main events on the same date: -

* 1814 - Methodist Church arrived in the town of Galle in Sri Lanka by six matapparappunarkal. * 1850 - Vancouver Coal was discovered on the island. * 1864 - Quebec in Canada, 99 people were killed in a railway accident. * 1880 - France captured the island of Tahiti.

* 1888 - George Eduard kavrat antel by Israel in Egypt, as recorded in the cylinder gramophone momentum. * 1895 - Tsar's army forced the norm denouncing the government's uruciyap tukopar burned their weapons. * 1904 - In Moscow, the tornado is about 1.500 houses, buildings destroyed.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 26 1906 - Ma.Po.Sivagnanam Birthday

M. P. Sivagnanam, (Mylapore Ponnuswamy Sivaganam) popularly known as Ma.Po.Si (26 June 1906 – 3 October 1995), was an Indian politician and the founder of the political party Tamil Arasu Kazhagam.

Mylapore Ponnuswamy Sivagnanam (Ma.Po.Si) was a Veteran Tamil Scholar and the Champion of Tamil Language and Culture.Ma.Po.Si was an example of self-made leader, an embodiment of whatever is noble and great in Tamil tradition and culture. He belonged to a rare group of eminent personalities who, having had no formal education worth the name in a background of poverty and lack of social status, have risen. By dint of sheer self-effort to an exalted position. He has authored more than 100 books. He was elected to the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly from Thiyagarayanagar constituency contesting as a DMK contestant in 1967. His participation in the demarcation of TamilNadu has made him an important figure in the state's history. It was through his efforts the state could retain Madras(now renamed as Chennai) and got Tiruttani from Andhra Pradesh (due to his the namade vs manade agitation) . He was the chairman (presiding officer) of Tamil Nadu Legislative Council when it was abolished by M. G. Ramachandran in 1986.

His love for and involvement with Tamil literature has brought him much praise. Ma.Po.Si's extensive research on Silappatikaram earned him the special title "Silambu Chelvar". His attraction towards this epic even made him name his daughters Kannagi and Madhavi. He was instrumental in reviving public interest about the poligar Veerapandiya Kattabomman through his biography of the chieftain written after researching folklore. The 1959 biopic of the same name was based on his book and made Kattabomman a household name in Tamil Nadu.[4] In 1966, he was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award for Tamil for his biography of Vallalar - Vallalar kanda orumaipaadu. In 1972 Government of India awarded him Padma Shri for Literature & Education.[1] A commemorative stamp in his honor was released in 2006. Tamilnadu Government decided in its policy note to install statute of Ma.Po.Si in Triplicane conceding to popular demands at a cost of Indian Rupee symbol.svg6.25lakhs.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

George Mountbatten Date of birth: June 25, 1900

Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas George Mountbatten (Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas George Mountbatten, June 25, 1900 - August 27, 1979), the first Baron of Burma (Earl) Mountbatten called. He was an English naval commander.

The last representative of the Government of British India, and was the first Governor of India's independence. Lord Mountbatten in Ireland, the Irish Republican Army during his vacation, he traveled by boat bomb killed bomb. He was killed along with three others in bomb blast .

Michael Jackson's Death Day: June 25, 2006

Michael Joseph Jackson (Michael Joseph Jackson, August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009) is an American pop music singer, choreographer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, has many faces.


Popular Jackson, the seventh child in a family of musicians. 1964 - The Jackson 5 in the band along with his four brothers joined.


Since 1971 - started to become famous in the solo concerts. Ah King of Pop (King of Pop) and MJ Named as special.

He released five albums were sold worldwide in large numbers. 1982 - In the world of mass-selling album Thriller was released in the first stage is the list. Many among the people around the world are known for forty years had been living.


The song writing, the music, song, dance, and accordingly, all mixed in between Boyle's performance as he created a new dance.


1980 - the beginning of the famous singer of the pop music world. America's first black musician who influenced many people. His music videos on MTV And was also broadcast on MTV. For this work, the music video became an important art. Jackson, who created the robot, such as munvak popular dance types. He received the dancing and music influenced many musical genres.


Funding for social services has led to a number of concerts throughout the world. But he did have sex with children 1993 - He was accused of. He said that at the end of innocence, but his comments about the evils of the general population. Paravalar American culture, to date, he was a dominant one.


2009 On June 25, he died under mysterious circumstances at his home in lasencalas. At the same time much more powerful tablet found the cause of his death.


The main events on the same date: -


1940 - France officially surrendered to Germany. 1944 - World War II: The Great Battle of the Nordic countries of Finland, against the Soviet Union began. 1950 - North Korea's invasion of South Korea after the Korean War began. 1967 - The world's first satellite television program Our World (Our World) 30 countries shown. 1975 - Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's emergency rule issued in the elections, and human rights struggles banned. 1975 - Mozambique gained independence fromPortu.


1983 - In London, the World Cup cricket final match of the West Indies won by 43 runs. 1991 - kuroveciya, cilaveniya declared independence. 1996 - Saudi Arabia, 19 American soldiers were killed in the blast that took place in the tower anger.


1997 - purokiras unmanned spacecraft collided with the Russian Mir Space Laboratory. 1998 - The first version of Windows 98 was released. 2007 - Cambodia norunkiyat the plane crashed, killing 22 members of the traveling.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Poet Kannadasan Birthday: June 24, 1927

Tamil film lyricist and poet Kannadasan 1927 - In June 24 - On the state of Tamil Nadu, was born in  Sirukudal Village . Cattappanar his father, mother shrines rule. 8 people who were born with. He was an early one for Rs 7,000 - brought to adoptions. He grew up in the name of his home-tion. Eighth grade reading Kannadhsan 1943 - joined the EJAKS company in Tiruvottriyur.

For Kannadhsan ponnamma, Parvati, that valliyammai 3 wives. A total of 14, including three children were born. Singer was born in Hinduism mataverrumai esai kaviyam regardless. Ceyyulilum of the poet, who has a keen interest in Bharathi's songs.


Bharatiyar respected guru stood. His 4000 - more than poetry, 5000 - Movie songs written over. The more modern, written articles. Was Poet Laureate of the State. Received the Sahitya Acadamy Award.


Due to health 1981 - In July 24 - admitted to hospital on Chicago, died Saturday, October -17. October 20 - In the United States, and his body was brought to Chennai after a state funeral in honor of the millions of people burnt in October -22.


Kannadasan Karaikudi in Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu to commemorate the memory of Mani Madapam set Kaviarasu Kannadhsan. Kaviarasu help set Kannadhsan bust. There is no stadium. Here is operating a library with 2400 books. They are at a photo exhibition on the life history of Kaviarasu Kannadhsan.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 23 historic events

June 23 historic events


* 1868 - Christopher Scholz received a patent for tattacciyantirat.


* 1894 - International Olympic organization was formed in Paris.


* 1956 - Egypt's President Gamal Nasser.


* 1960 - Republic of the Congo, Patrice Lumumba became the first prime minister elected by the people.


* 1968 - Buenos ayarac held in the football stadium stampede killed 74 people.


* 1990 - maltaviya declared independence from the Soviet Union.

Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Day: June 23, 1980

Former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Feroze Gandhi, the younger son Sanjay Gandhi. Class limited to 11 attended, Sanjay attended college. Rolls-Royce in the UK known as the Crew joined the company. He had a keen interest in racing cars, aircraft had a valid driver's license. His brother Rajiv, who withdrew from politics, business and the conduct of pilot, Sanjay chose to remain close to his mother.

Sanjay's influence with his mother, it seems that the state of emergency was declared firmly. State of emergency was in force (1975-1977) Sanjay is clear that increased his power. He was not elected to any office. Which held a desk. However, the influence of his new Cabinet ministers, high-ranking government officers and police officers began. While many ministers and officials resigned in protest, Sanjay reportedly appointed freshman to their work.


Activities of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Minister Sanjay gave him orders, and later Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral, a well-known example is the abandonment process. Sanjay Gujral opposed to anger, reportedly refused to take orders from an unelected person.


Sanjay Gandhi, Maneka Gandhi married younger in age than him. Their married life was filled with turmoil. Yet their marriage. They had a son Varun Gandhi. His relationship with his elder brother Rajiv. In 1977, after the defeat of Rajiv deeply affected by his mother's condition. According to Frank's biography of Indira, Indira and Rajiv directly blamed as the cause of the condition canjaytan. This, Sanjay and his mother and the government's destructive influence to make sure that you lead.


Sanjay Gandhi, in New Delhi in an air crash near Safdarjung Airport in June 1980 matan died on the same date. He was driving one of the airline's new plane Delhi. Performing a loop over his Office, the plane lost control and crashed. The only passenger in the plane and died in the military avvipat Subhas Saxena.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 22 , 1974 Tamil Actor Vijay Birthday

June 22 , 1974 Tamil Actor Vijay Birthday

Vijay is an Indian Tamil cinema actor, playback singer and producer, who works in the Tamil film industry. He is Son of film director and producer S. A. Chandrasekhar, he started his career as a child actor in the movie Vetri and later made his debut as a hero in the 1992 film Naalaya Theerpu


Born: June 22, 1974 (age 39), Chennai

Spouse: Sangeeta Sornalingam (marriage 1999)

Children : Jason Sanjay, Divya Saasha

Awards: Vijay Award for Favourite Hero

Siblings: Vidhya Chandrasekhar

June 22 1978 pulto sub plane caran found date

Caran satellite of Pluto's discovery: June 22 1978 pulto sub plane caran found date
The satellite of Pluto caran 1978 - on June 22 - the date was found.

The main events on the same date: -

* 1898 - The Spanish - American War: U.S. Marines landed in Cuba. * 1911 - King George V of the United Kingdom cutinan hair. * 1940 - World War II: Nazi Germany forced France agreed to a peace agreement. * 1941 - World War II: German forces invaded the Soviet Union. * 1941 - War of Independence of Lithuania against Soviet occupation began.

* 1962 - Air France's Boeing 113 aircraft in the West Indies in accident  people were killed in the fire. * 1978 - The satellite of Pluto was discovered caran. * 1986 - World Cup soccer tournament held in Mexico arjentina player Maradona scored a goal for the century. * 2002 - A 6.5 magnitude earthquake in western Iran, killing 261 people.

June 22 1976 death sentence cancel in canad

Termination of the death penalty in Canada: June 22 1976 death sentence cancel in canada
In Canada 1976 - the year June 22 - nirattappattatu law on the death penalty.

The main events on the same date: -

* 1783 - The Icelandic volcano Lackey toxic gas expelled from the French town of La havra hit. * 1812 - Napoleon Bonaparte laid siege declared war on Russia. * 1815 - Napoleon Bonaparte, ousted a second time. 4-year-old sat in the Napoleonic regime for two weeks.

* 1825 - The British Parliament repealed the feudal system. * 1848 - Paris uprising of the working days of the beginning of June. Thousands were killed. * 1866 - Austria - Austrian army at the Battle of puruciya defeated the Italian army. * 1893 - The Royal Navy ship kampartavun mattiyataraik of Victoria, British naval ship with 358 sailors were killed in a collision.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Music composer. K.V.Mahadevan Dead Day: June 21, 2001

K.V. Mahadevan (March 14, 1918 - June 21, 2001), a Tamil film composer. 1942 - In 1990, he composed the first film Manonmani - Murukan in the film did work with his music.

Miracle, tillana mokanampal, Kandhan grace, Mother term Thattathe, uneducated genius, as Spring House has composed music for many famous films.


Kandhan cankaraparanam of grace and the National Award for films icaiyamaittatan. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and in the 1500 - K has composed music for more than pictures. Thu. Mahadevan. Composed of a total of 218 Tamil films.


Krishna temple in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, in the south of the town venkatacala Bhagavathar, born piccaiyammal by Mahadevan. Thiruvananthapuram King Rama Bhagavathar was his grandfather's favorite pundit.


The father was able to record guitar line venkatacala Bhagavathar. If interested in music small vayatiloye Mahadevan has not attended school. Palakantarva theater and singing in the church along with the acceptance of the role played by women.


Arunachal putappanti kavirayar systematically studied music. Viswanatha Bhagavathar time member of the band, and later studied music in Bombay, Hyderabad, Delhi, Nagpur and the concert had to go abroad.


Since 1942 Manonmani Mahadevan, paktakauri, fire mythical glory, Bhakta Hanuman, good times, matana Mohini composing music for films in the Tamil film industry of its own to maintain a stable position.


Matana Mohini B movie. Leela sang along with the song.


2001 - On June 21 - passed away on.

World Music Day: June 21 wolrd music day

World Music Day: June 21 wolrd music day
Every year on June 21 - On World Music Day is celebrated. India, Australia, Britain, China, including the 110 - and is celebrated in more countries.

Important events occurring on the same date: -

* 1734 - The city of Quebec montri Marie - Joseph ancalik a black slave and her master's house was on fire koluttiyamaik, the major part of the city alintamaik among people who allegedly tortured and executed.

* 1788 - New Hampshire United States joined the 9 th state. * 1798 - Irish terrorists were thwarted by the rise of Great Britain. * 1898 - United States from Spain seized the island of Guam. * 1940 - World War II: France fell to Germany. * 1942 - World War II: Libya's topruk Italy, and was conquered by the German forces.

* 1945 - World War II: Battle of Okinawa ended. * 1970 - Brazil beat Italy 4-1 in the football World Cup winning goal counts. * 1990 - kontacci military camp in Mannar by the LTTE attacked and destroyed. * 1999 - Apple Computer released its first iBook specified. * 2002 - World Health Organization declared the continent of Europe, the non-polio syndrome.

* 2004 - vinkappal one (SpaceShipOne) finished his first taniyarin sponsored vinpayanattai. * 2006 - Pluto's newly discovered moons Nix and Hydra was named.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 20 2000 world refugee day

The annual World Refugee Day on June 20 - the day is remembered. In 2000 the United Nations General Assembly's Special of the refugees to show their support, the World Refugee Day was adopted.

African Refugee Day June 20 - World Refugee Day to be celebrated today declared. Refugees caught in conflict in their country of residence, other natukalilena displaced and are living in various refugee population in the world to build up awareness of the important aspect of the day.


On that day, the various wars in different parts of the world, the political and social conditions of refugees and IDPs, who Recalling meetings, demonstrations, seminars, concerts, various events are organized Commemoration nikalvukalena. United Nations Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) determines the theme for the annual events

June 20 2006 Tamil poet suratha dead day

But you Tamil poet and writer. Attached to the speach of the poet's speach on the basis of the iyarpeyarakiya cuppurattinam changed its name to the Servant Suppu gemstone. But you, in the name of his alias as a summary of the number who voted marapukkavitai packages. He'd come in parables, poetry writing tradition intact tanippukal darts. This signified that he would tell the story of the poet.

But you iracakopalan born. Thanjavur District palaiyanur (problem) in the town of 1921 - the year Nov 23 - Born on. Parents Stevo, Shenbagam her. She attended grade school-leaving. Desikar who studied Tamil cinema situated in Arunachal. 1941 - January 14 - Familiar But you saw in the first Pavendar Bharathithasan stayed with him for some time lined up to work on his poetry. Pavendar songs transcription, print jobs are watching Pavendar publication of the book as deputy stops at several levels Pavendar But you remained in contact.


But you collata the poem titled Ponniyin Pudukkottai magazine published since 1947 - the year he published in the April issue of the introduction of a Political Poet ceyttatu inheritance. Periyar's father Pavendar puratcikkavi play, when the show was held in the presence of the Minister of Kalaivanar Pride But you played. Sun Poet Laureate poet Namakkal. Ramalingam was a child, he was the assistant.


Narayanan, who authored some of them coming out of the master and served as deputy editor of the magazine. At the time, wrote several short stories. But you tirulokacitaram poet's poems have been published in the inaugural issue of Shivaji. But you broad casting several poems in Tiruchirappalli radio. But you saw kalaiyunarvinai kuca Kirushna Moorthy  who introduced her entry into cinema. 1944 - the year mankaiyarkkaraci wrote the film's original dialogue.


He wrote songs for an extremely low level. Govindarajan situated in the voice of his two songs, Nectar and honey, what are you in arukin irukkaiyile me, and include Audi valkkaiyata, a six-foot contamata the ground. Has written over 100 songs in the movie. But you kiss of death in the first book. The V. R.. M.. Chettiar was released in March 1946. 1956 - In a classic book of pattattaraci. 1954 - Minister of the artist in the following tantara magazine wrote poetry.


1955 - The weekly magazine in the saga began. Following this literature (1958), Procession (1963), Constellation (1964), But you (1988) for the development of poetry published in many magazines. 1971 - the year of issue anantavikatan akavalkkaiyai But you wrote about the poems were well-received film actresses. The song was later collected in book form, it was the name of lime Wall (1974). But you look talaimanakkar karutattakum poet Bharathidasan's poems and other texts from the same set of Pavendar tiruvacakan strives to express, in the name kallatan caused the book to come out.


But you messages and displays a list of the world's rare home library with rare books. Apr, poetry, patrons interested in fame, was the host of admirers included some strange But you kaviyarankankalai. Kaviyarankam boat, ship kaviyarankam, airlines etc. are kaviyarankam.


He also contributed a lot in making kaviyarankukalai celebratory event. Pavendar headed tamilkkavinar perumanrattirku 1966 - selected as head. He's 84 - 20.06.2006 at the age died from illness in Chennai.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kuwait gained independence from Britain on: June 19, 1961

Kuwait is one of the smallest countries in the Middle East. Oil (Petroleum) based on the resource rich country. Saudi Arabia and Iraq in the north and in the south west of the State. Arabic is the official language. Kuwait 1961 - the year June 19 - gained independence from Britain on.

The main events on the same date: -


* 1867 - First Emperor of Mexico makcimiliyan sentenced to death and shot. * 1870 - American Civil War: Southern states are all connected with the United States, after the dissolution of the Confederate States of America.


* 1910 Father's Day was celebrated for the first time in Washington in the United States. * 1912 - United States amalakiyatu the 8-hour program. * 1943 - took place in Texas in the ethnic conflict

Nobel Prize winner for Literature, the British novelist Sir William Golding Dead day June 19, 1993

Sir William Golding (September 19, 1911 - June 19, 1993) was a British novelist who won the Nobel Prize for Literature, the most famous of his works, The Lord of Sciences Blaise (Lord of the Flies) is

Continued long after graduation (1934) published his first collection of poems. He began his career as a teacher in 1961 - after a full-time writer. 1980 - Rites of Sciences in pecej (Rites of Passage), who won the 1983 Booker Prize for the novel - received the Nobel Prize in literature. 1988 - graduated from Sir. 1993 - died.


The main events on the same date: -


* 1944 - World War II: the Philippine Sea battle took place between the United States and Japan. * 1953 - America's nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were accused of distributing the execution of a Jewish couple.


* 1961 - Kuwait declared independence from the United Kingdom. * 1987 - 21 perr killed in the blast that took place at a shopping mall in Spain.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 18 1808 tamil politics kakkan birth day

Kakkan politician Date of birth: June 18 1808 tamil politics kakkan birth day
Kakkan (June 18, 1908 - December 23, 1981), freedom fighter, a member of the Indian Parliament and the Tamil Nadu Congress well (kamittit) leader, and a number of other responsibilities as secretary of state from 1957 to 1967, the Congress, was an outstanding politician. Viswanathan Kakkan Kakkan older brothers, who is a lawyer.

Kakkan June 18, 1908 - the year of the royal engagement was announced in Madurai district, a dalit family in the village of Madurai tumpaipatti born in circle. His father Kakkan priest of the village temple priest (the priest) who served. He was educated in elementary education Madurai Thirumangalam B state student hostel. Q.. My. Boys attended secondary school studies.

Kakkan his school as a student in the Congress movement itself became involved in the struggle for independence. During the day, the Dalits from entering temples and Shanars prohibited. Temple Rajaji Government authority and the right to sign the law, the law of 1939 came as a result of the Dalits in temples and Shanars nulaiya தடைசெய்யபட்டிருந்ததை repealed the law.

Kakkan Dalits in Madurai and Madurai canarkalai led and entered the temple. Exit ankileyane Kakkan participate in the operation of the Alipore jail. 1946 - won the state elections in the constituency from 1946 to 1950 and served as a member.

Kakkan Indian Parliament from 1952 to 1957 and served as a member of the Lok Sabha. In order to accept the responsibility of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Kamaraj Congress had played well (Committee) took the position Kakkan strayed away from the presidency. 1957 - Indian National Congress won re-election and took over the rule of the Madras Province work.

Public Kakkan, aricana welfare, tribal welfare minister in the April 13, 1957 - in and took over. March 13, 1962 and October 3, 1963 and served as agriculture minister. April 24, 1962, was appointed as a member of the Business Advisory Council. October 3, 1963, the interior minister of the state on the charge அப்பொறுப்பிலிருந்தார் until 1967.

Kakkan minister in charge of the flowing period, Vaigai dams were built. Seva Sangam life aricana development of Dalits. He was Minister of Agriculture in charge of the two agricultural universities started in Madras Province work. He praised the Indian government for his portrait work nattukkarriya fried issued a special stamp to honor the year 1999.

Madurai (South) constituency in the 1967 Assembly elections, the DMK candidate and his challenger Kakkan OP Raman lost. The election defeat of the Tamil Nadu Congress from 1969 to 1972 well (kamittit) head held liable. 1973 - since retired from politics.

The invention of AIDS Day: June 18 1981

The invention of AIDS Day: June 18 1981 aid disease found day
California, San Francisco medical researchers in 1981 - the year June 18 - on a cure for AIDS was discovered muraipati.

Important events occurring on the same date: -

* 1767 - French navigator Samuel Wallis takitti island in the Pacific Ocean, he saw for the first time. * 1778 - American Revolutionary War: British forces left the city akanrana Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. * 1812 - 1812 War: The U.S. Congress declared war on the United Kingdom.

* 1815 - The Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon Bonaparte on his royal throne in the wake of defeat and lost the second and last time. * 1869 - The Indian rupee on Friday marked its sub-units of the legal currency of Sri Lanka announced.

* 1908 - Japanese immigration to Brazil began. 781 people were cantos city. * 1923 - Mount Etna eruption vitarravarayinar 60,000 people. * 1948 -  state of emergency imposed by the communists in Malaysia. * 1953 - After the end of the monarchy, republic of Egypt. * 1953 - U.S. Air Force plane crashed in the burnt near Tokyo, killing 129 people. * 1965 - Vietnam War: National Liberation Front of South Vietnam, U.S. planes bombed rebel bases. * 1979 - The Soviet Union and the United States signed an agreement between the two salt.

* 1981 - California, San Francisco muraipati medical researchers have found a cure for AIDS. * 1981 - the state of Massachusetts in the U.S. Congress passed a resolution in favor of Tamil Eelam. * 1983 - Space Shuttle Challenger: Heads of Lights Ride became the first American woman. * 1985 - the first between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan security forces have agreed to a ceasefire.

* 2001 - The Naga rebels extend ceasefire between the Indian aracuppataikal held protests in Manipur. * 2004 - Geneva at CERN, the European Particle - Physics Research Center was established at the 2-meter-tall statue of Lord Nataraja. * 2006 - Kazakhstan kascat sent its first satellites.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Jhansi Rani died Day: June 17 1858

Jhansi Rani died Day: June 17 1858. Janshirani dead day
Or canci Rani of Jhansi Rani (November 19, 1835 - June 17 - 1858) Queen of Jhansi in North India. British rule in India during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 perumpankarri wake up in revolt against the leader கணிக்கப்படுகிறவர்.

November 19, 1835 - in a Brahmin family in Varanasi mauriyapantar - pakiratipay Jhansi Rani was born to the couple. He coined the name manikarnika parents.

He called the petition. Pakiratipay four years old when he died. He learned at an early age and riding sabers. Manikarnika mauriyapantar pitturil's father worked at the court of the Peshwa. Brought up as his own daughter manikarnikavai pittur of the Peshwa.

Raja Gangadhar Rao, who was the ruler canciyai nevalkar 1842 - to put manikarnikavai married father. Since then, the so-called ilatcumipay manikarnika Queen became Queen of Jhansi. 1851 - from the birth of their son, Damodar Rao died in four months. After the death of Damodar Rao, Raja Gangadhar Rao nevalkarum Queen ilatcumipayum adopted Anand Rao.

Then, the child was named Damodar Rao. However, from the tragedy of the loss of his son king milata kankatararav November 21, 1853 - died in utalnalamilantu.

After the late King Gangadhar Rao, Queen of Jhansi adopted son Damodar Rao regime wanted to hire. However, the then Governor ankiyela tallavuci, avakaciyili policy of the British East India Company, tattuppillaiyai officially refused to accept. If there is a direct descendant of the king, who claims to be owned by the Government of themselves, their country and the British in Jhansi decided  British 1854 - the year to March, the Rani of Jhansi Jhansi fort told us to leave the pension of Rs 60000.

However, in 1857 - the year May 10 - On the Indian Rebellion started in Meerut. Soldiers in newly issued pacuvinatum panriyinatum fat pucappattat bullets spread out and began to rebel vatantiyaiyatutte. In that case, involved a British-Indian insurgency concentrated.

Jhansi was not paying much attention. As a result, Rani Jhansi ilatcumipay ruled alone. North Central region had been quiet in India Jhansi Jhansi, to show that it was not clear what kind of risk in the face of the siege and the Queen ilatcumipa Haldi saffron festival was being organized.

But the British did have a fear of Queen ilatcumipay oppose the British. Thus, the British in 1857 - on June 8 - the British East India Company officials on Jhokan Bach's role in the assassination of Queen declared that ilatcumipay. Have on farmers and the public of the value of the Queen ilatcumipay cirkulaikkave saying.

The reason for this is that, 1858 - March 23 - He Rose on the leadership of the British force was sent to capture Jhansi. Jhansi and Tantia Tope to support the troops at the head of an army of 20,000 men was sent.

But force on March 31 - the combined forces of the British Tantia topeyin because it was unable to help the queen of Jhansi. However, they refused to surrender to the British Queen canci joined forces worked hard battle. Ilatcumipay refused to leave his country, the Queen of Jhansi, led the way for leading his troops into battle tuniccalutanum made a great and energetic. However, three days later, the British were able to gain unauthorized entry into the city.  British, goods looted and plundered the palace.

Jhansi Rani, 1858 - April 4 - hour on the night of his son escaped flowing from the wall. Rani of Jhansi Regiment of the Guard to protect the city, with women more likely to quit. * Queen ilatcumipay, Damodar ravutanum kalpi their forces went to Rao Sahib Peshwa pataiyutanum pataiyutanum of Tantia Tope joined the revolutionary forces.

Maharaja of Gwalior Gwalior jayajirav though they go to the army, defeating kottaiyonrai seized in Gwalior.

White's army camped capture of Gwalior. 1858 - On June 17 - the place kottaki ceray etirttuc Jhansi Rani fought the Whites. Unfortunately, this heroic woman died heroically attinattileye injured during the war. Three days later, the British took control of Gwalior.

He led an army against the English Rose virattuk be noted that all the revolutionary leaders and vitamuyarcik vivekattuk and ilatcumipayai praised the Queen as the most dangerous.

His heroic deeds he committed war against British rule in India today, and many folk songs and plays the  His name will always be a player who has great amarattuvam.

Vanchinathan Dead Day: June 17 1911

Vanchinathan Dead Day: June 17 1911. Vanchinathan dead day
Vanchinathan (1886 - June 17, 1911) was a revolutionary leader from Tamil Nadu, who fought the British Raj. Tirunelveli Collector Ash shot himself to death after killing his failure in the Department.

Red Fort in Tirunelveli District, 1886 - the year of the priest Raghupati, the couple's son was born to Mr. Vanchinathan Rukmini. Sankaran, although his real name was called vanci.

Vanci after graduating from school in the Fort in Thiruvananthapuram, the festival until the Maharaja's College of Arts and studied. Ponnammalai married the daughter of a senior in college studying munnir citaramayyar groove. Finished college, served in Punalur ranger.

The highest position in the whole struggle against the British government of the day. House. E. Chidambaram Pillai, Siva Subramanian stage of the liberation struggle vanci serious talks.

Terrorist acts against the British in India and received assistance from the French domination in Pondicherry. There was contact with the extremists. In the course of time away from work devoted to their government. With friends, get rid of the British rule and convened secret meetings. Made friends severity.

Vanchinathan, the revolutionary years in Pondicherry. Way. Prof. The priest has to stay at home. There will paratiyaraiyum Arabian. Neelkanth erukkur piramanankalin bachelor's Secret Blood revolution of the mind vanci widened further.

June 17, 1911 at 10.45 am at the intersection of Railroad maniyacci asturai Tirunelveli district collector to go to Kodaikanal with his wife sat in the cab of the first class compartment. The browser was released at the time vanci, sitting on train collector Ash Department சுட்டுக்கொன்றுவிட்டு his gun, shooting himself with the same gun and died.

Vanci of autopsies, the piece of coat he had been shot in the letter the reason for collectors, 3,000 in Chennai - indicating that there is more to her than R radicals. Vanchi Iyer, the Red Fort was enreluti. Tirunelveli Collector Ash murder case is important in the history of Indian freedom struggle.

Upon the death of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi vanci maniyacci vanci rail station - maniyacci Railroad went to the meeting. He was born in Fort vanci statue was inaugurated. He set up a memorial at the Red Fort, December 23, 2013, is open.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Historic Events of June 16 - Chittaranjan Das Birthday 1870

'National ball that everyone affectionately known as the leader of the Indian freedom fighter Chittaranjan Das, 1870 - November 5 th - Dhaka district of Bengal on vikrampur born in a wealthy family. His father worked as a legal adviser in court pupan Mohandas Calcutta. Who has the most national. Chittaranjan Das vilankiyatarku his father because they are patriotic. Cittarancantas graduated from Presidency College, Calcutta. Then choose aicies wrote to England. After returning to India, he started working as a lawyer at the Calcutta High Court. During the partition of Bengal and Sri Aurobindo, Bipin Chandra along with 'Vande Mataram' was written in the English magazine.


1917 - Since 1925 - the year he was involved in active politics. Speech of his political knowledge and potential, he became the most important person in the Indian National Congress. He wanted to develop rural industries develop. He is the leader of the self diplomacy. Hatred of untouchability and caste differences. Strive for the advancement of women. Although renowned lawyer who had sacrificed her career to fight for freedom.


1925 - In June itenal Darjeeling in its 55 - dies aged. His body was brought to the people of Calcutta was buried with honor. The flood of people gathered for a two-mile stretch.


Other events are also held at the same date:


* 1745 - British and French forces captured the island pirettan goal. It is now a part of Canada.


* 1779 - Spain declared war on Great Britain. Kipralttar siege began.


* 1819 - A 8.0 magnitude earthquake in Gujarat killed at least 2,000 people.


* 1883 - Victoria arena in the UK, 183 children were killed in the stampede.


* 1897 - Republic of Hawaii to the United States reached an agreement to co.


* 1911 - 772 grams of the meteorite crash in the state of Wisconsin is one of the damaged reservoir.


* 1940 - Lithuania originated in the communist regime.


* 1963 - The world's first woman cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova Russian spacecraft flew vastok 6.


* 1976 - 15,000 black students in South Africa, 566 students were killed in the shooting by police at a demonstration.


* 1994 - Chinese TU-154 aircraft departed 10 minutes, 160 people were killed in the explosion.

American rapper Tupac Birthday June 16 1971

Sit called Tupac Tupac Shakur was a popular American rapper. 1971 - In June of the same day, the United States, was born in California. Be the first in the world of music

The rap group Digital Underground as a dancer. 1991 - Tupac's first album in the '2 pakkalips Now 'publication rap critics have praised it. But the lyrics in this album are some people protested.


From 1991 to 1996, he created the music for. The album sold 75 million copies and Tupac, "rapper sold the most albums that have featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. Many of the best performers in rap music rap Review writers who are included. Besides rap music, poetry and film actor and as a writer. The majority of African Americans living in impoverished areas of violence, discrimination, and social problems such as drug use made Tupac songs. Tupac social equality supported on several songs.


1994 - During the month of November in time for the shooting was. Captive for 11 months for a sexual offense. But President Sukh Knight's Death Row recording of rekkarts financing Tupac was released from jail. Death Row rapper Tupac rekkarts joined the company in the first double album All Eyes On Me made music history. 1996 - In September 7 - On Tupac in Las Vegas, was shot four times by gunfire and died six days later.

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Indian billionaire Lakshmi Mittal Birthday June 15, 1950

Indian billionaire Lakshmi Mittal in London Date of birth: June 15, 1950. laxmi mittal birth day
Nivacu Lakshmi Mittal (June 15, 1950) residing in the Indian city of London. Janta world's richest billionaire at his property values, which contributes about $ 27.7 billion. Churu in Rajasthan, Lakshmi Mittal was born in a town in the area catulpur kenincittan today, lives in London. In the UK, most of the assets of the country's richest man who is first on the list.

Lakshmi Mittal at an early age with his joint family in catulpur stayed five years. Lakshmi Mittal, belonging to the Marwari Agarwal was born in a simple family. One of India's independence from his grandfather worked in the industry before the Marwari. Lakshmi Mittal steel factory in Kolkata and Mohan's father was a partner in the company. 1969 - the year of St. Xavier's College, Kolkata Lakshmi Mittal graduated from college.

1994 - the year the company became the father of the Mittal steel industry began to develop overseas business. Today, a large steel producing company in the world, Mittal Steel, Lakshmi Mittal is also the chairman of the company.

22 June 2004 - the year of the marriage of his daughter Vanessa had costs ranging from U.S. $ 65 million. Ittirumaname high costs and the marriage was held in the world.

IBM. The company was established on June 15 1924

IBM. The company was established on June 15 1924 ibm company established day
IBM (IBM) called the International Business Machines Corporation (International Business Machines Corporation) Armonk (New York State, United States) is a multinational computer company head office  city. Computer hardware and software required for the sale of the company, and the main frame computers of different scientific fields ranging from nanotechnology, improve the infrastructure facilities, technical inputs, the fields of research serving. December 2011 - the year as the third largest company in the IBM company, is the market value of the investment.

The company in 1911 - the year tepulettin Computing Recording Company (CTR), the name of the set. The operating tepulettin Recording Company, the International Time Recording Company, the Computing Scale Corporation, and integrating the three companies, the company was born. 1924 - the year changed its name to International Business Machines IBM Corporation in the name.

Sales for the company's unique culture and identity of the Big Blue (BIG BLUE) specified by the alias. 2012 - the year the number of employees in the United States, ranking second-largest company by Fortune magazine. In the same issue of the market value of the investment company and the fourth largest in the ninth-largest company in the most profitable companies in the nineteenth largest niruvaman income and reclassified. 2012 - 31 in the world in Forbes Magazine - the largest employer gave (the list of companies in high income). In the same period (2011/2012), the company received the following ratings. Moderate brackets is the name of an organization.

1 of the company (Fortune Magazine) 1st worldwide in the green (environmental pollution low level of disclosure) to (Newsweek), 2nd in the world's largest trading company (Interbrand) 2 is of tremendous value to (boron) 5th drama company (Fortune Magazine) 18th innovative company (Fast Company)

IBM is a global company with 12 laboratory. 2013 - Following 20 years as a large number of patents registered in the company records. The company and its employees are proud to have won the following awards and prizes at various stages added. Turin awards Nobel Prizes for six of the ten National Medal of Technology for the National Medal of Science.

Important events occurring on the same date: -

* 1752 - Benjamin Franklin founded the lightning is electricity. * 1775: American Revolutionary War: George Washington was appointed commander of the U.S. Army. * 1808 - Joseph Bonaparte King of Spain cutinan hair. * 1836 - Arkansas United States in the 25 - to the state. * 1844 - Dead processing method (vulcanization) was patented by Charles Republic. * 1846 - Sri Lanka's first magazine published by the Council of the Royal Asiatic. * 1864 - American Civil War:  of U.S. forces in Petersburg, Virginia. * 1904 - In New York, 1,021 people were killed in a fire aboard the General Slocum.

* 1911 - The company was set up by IBM. * 1938 - Laszlo bhairo bubble tip pens invented in Britain. * 1944 - World War II: American troops occupied the island in thereat. * 1954 - yuehpa European Football Association was set up in Switzerland. * 1984 - Karainagar in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, the LTTE's sea plane was shot down. * 1996 - United Kingdom, Manchester, 200 people were injured in the terrorist attack. Great damaged central part of the city. * 2007 - The world's longest 34-km-long rail tunnel under the Alps in Switzerland set.

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June 14 1928 se guevara birth day

Se guevara or El Che commonly known Ernesto Guevara de la cerna (June 14, 1928 - October 9, 1967), native to Argentina, a socialist revolutionary, physician, Marxist, politician, Cuba and many other countries (Congo) on the revolutions of the participants in the fighter many faces.

1928 Se guevara - on June 14 - the day was born in Rosario in Argentina. Icupaniya, Paz, airiciya the eldest of five children in a family lineages. His family was left-wing and pro-family politics of the very young age, he had a broad vision. His father, socialism, Juan peroninatum supporter. Thus, the Spanish Civil War Republican politicians frequently visit his home. It is guided by the ideas of socialism Alaska.


Aasma disease since he was a better player. He is a great rugby player. His attacking style of play has led to the title of pucer called him. In addition, he is very rarely a bath, he meant that the pig has the nickname of Sango.


Se guevara moved to play chess from his father, 12-year-old has played in the local circuit competitions. Growing up, and then had a lifelong interest in his poetry. Neruta, Keats, maccato, lorkka, Mistral, valejo, Wiedmann on the work of special interest to him.


Guevara's house were more than 3000 books. He was an avid reader of books and it appears to be a reason. Of these, Marx, Polk, kaite, calkari, verne, such as special interest to him was the author of the books. Moreover, Nehru, kapka, Camus, Lenin's books, such as France, Engels, Wells, purost and he wanted to read his books.


When inflated his age, he kuyiroka Latin American authors, alekriya, ikkaca, Stratford, Ontario, as asturiyas interested in my work towards. Influential individuals of the concepts, definitions, philosophical views about writing the book, he had his own suggestions. Of these, Buddha, aristtat study of the so-called tips, petrant Russell's love, exploring issues of patriotism, Jack London's ideas about society, about the death of Nietzsche's thoughts are also included. Se guevara inspired works of Sigmund Freud, often quoting him.


1948 - the year of medical studies Guevara, puvanas enrolled at the University of Buenos Aires. But 1951 - the year of the leave taken in the course of the year, together with his friend Alberto kirenato, the motor iruli traveled throughout South America. The leper colony on the banks of the Amazon in Peru a few weeks to serve the ultimate purpose of his visit was. Using the notes he had taken during the visit of the motor iruli Notes (The Motorcycle Diaries) wrote the title nulonrai. It's the New York Times bestselling book has been chosen. Then, in 2004 - in the film of the same name won awards.


Widespread poverty, oppression and disenfranchisement throughout Latin America by promoting the value, the influence of Marxist texts social inequality to be resolved through armed revolution, as Se guevara nampalanar. At the end of the journey, he was seen by the individual countries of Latin America, as part of a whole continent-wide liberation war saw only required once. Frontiers of Hispanic America's conception of Se guevara was clearly evident in his later revolutionary activities. Arjentina Guevara returned to finish his studies and graduated with a diploma in nursing in June 1953.


In July 1953, Guevara began payanamonrai again, this time, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, kostarikka, Nicaragua, honturas, went to El Salvador and other countries. Guevara went to Guatemala in December of the same year. The democratically elected government there in terms of land reforms led by President jakkopo arpens kusman and other activities of the plantation (latifundia) method to attempt to eradicate. In order to gain the experience needed to become a true revolutionary Guevara, decided to stay.


In Guatemala, Se guevara kateya akkosta Hilda got in the habit of a woman. He is an economist based in Peru, left-Revolutionary Association of the U.S. population (American Popular Revolutionary Alliance) is a member of the movement. At the political level, so he had good contacts. She introduced Guevara arpenc the hierarchy of government. and contacts with Fidel Castro, Se guevara received kiyupavaivittu exit connections. By the time he was named the Soul. A friend or comrade Che arjentina term with the material.

June 14 1969 steffi graf birth day

Steffi Graf (born June 14, 1969) is a former tennis player. He is originally from Germany in the history of tennis. Won 22 singles Grand Slam titles. 1988 - in all (four) have won Grand Slam titles and an Olympic gold medal winner. First  record of 377 weeks ranked tennis. Retired in August 1999. October 22, 2001 - married to André Agassi. They have two kids.

The main events on the same date -


* 1807 - Napoleon's French army at Russian forces clashed with Polish piritlantu won. * 1821 - Sudan's northern Jaffna sing unto the seventh emperor, king of Ismail Pasha, the commander of the Ottoman Empire ended with the caranataintatan the Jaffna kingdom. * 1846 - British expat in place of conoma of California Californian Republic, announced the launching of the war against Mexico. * 1872 - trade unions in Canada. * 1900 - Hawaii was annexed to the United States.


* 1931 - France Saint-hpilipert the boat sank, killing 500 people. * 1940 - World War II: Germany, acquired in Paris. * 1940 - 728 of Polish prisoners of war of the Nazi Auschwitz concentration camp prisoners were first enrolled. * 1941 - The United States froze the assets of all German and Italian. * 1941 - Estonian and Lithuanian people latviyarkal many parts of the Soviet Union was expelled from the country vataimukamkal sent them away. * 1962 - European Air Research Centre was set up in Paris. * 1967 - China tested its first hydrogen bomb. * 1967 - The Mariner 5 spacecraft was launched toward the planet Venus. * 1982 - Stanley's presence in the capital of the Falkland Islands arjentina forces surrendered to British forces after the Falkland war ended.


* 1985 - TWA 847 plane flight to Rome from Greece had been kidnapped by the Hezbollah movement. * 1999 - he became South Africa's President Thabo umpekki. * 2002 - U.S. Consulate in Karachi before the blast killed 12 people and injured 50 others. * 2003 - Liberation Tigers attacked a merchant ship destroyed 11 LTTE killed by the Sri Lankan navy. * 2007 - had arrived in the Gaza Strip, Hamas movement announced their complete control.

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UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon Birth day June 13, 1944

UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon day of birth: June 13, 1944 .historic event june 13 Ban Ki moon


Eighth United Nations General secretary  Ban Ki-moon. Retired as the seventh General Secretary Kofi Annan, on January 1, 2007, that they took him first. In June 1944, the same day he was born in the city cunju of Korea. Before coming to the post of general secretary of the Foreign Minister of South Korea.

Ban Ki-Moon of Seoul National University in 1970, received a bachelor's degree in international relations course. 1985 - In the Kingdom of Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School received a master's degree in the subject from the general rule.


Embassy of South Korea in the first-in-the-Moon, the Korean Foreign Affairs and has worked in a variety of responsibilities. Stopped in last year's Six Nations with regard to the production of nuclear weapons in North Korea, he was responsible for negotiations. Ban Ki-moon urging a halt to executions of Saddam Hussein's execution has been done to stop the creative efforts.


Other events held at the same date: -


* 1871 - Labrador hurricane struck, killing 300 people.


* 1881 - Janet sank a U.S. ship in the Arctic Ocean.


* 1886 - Vancouver, British Columbia, the major part of the city was damaged by fire.


* 1934 - Hitler and Mussolini met in Venice.


* 1955 - The first diamond mine discovered in the Soviet Union.


* 1983 - Pioneer 10 became the Solar System beyond the first vinkappal.


* 1987 - Tamil Movie composer G.. Thu. Prakash Kumar's birthday...

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Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment on June 12, 1964

Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment on June 12, 1964. historic event june 12 nelson mandela
Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first democratically-elected president. Before that he was one of the leading fight against racism.

In a country where the majority of South African blacks. The white minority. But power was vellaiyarkalitame. In 1939, at the age of 21, the convergence of black youth, black people, willing. They are denied the right to vote. They have to get permission to travel in their own nattinulleye. Landlords would be prohibited in the presence of black people in the room chanting, the Crusaders began to struggle in the way he led the military wing of the African National Congress. Unconventional warfare, guerrilla attacks carried out against the apartheid state.

The 1962 - on August 5 - were rounded up and arrested by the police on Nelson Mandela was found guilty of attempting to overthrow the South African government. Mandela in 1964 - in June and was sentenced to life imprisonment on the same day. He was 46 years old. He started out on 27 years of continued duress.

Mandela's 27-year imprisonment, racial harassment is evidenced by the widely known. Robben Island prison, most of the time he spent in a small jail cell. After his release in 1990, the new South African Republic blossomed in a peaceful manner. Mandela, who was one of the highest in the world-respected leaders. In the year 2013, December 5 - 95 days - died at the age.


Child Labour Eradication Day: June 12, 2002

Child Labour Eradication Day: June 12, 2002 historic event june 12 child labour
Anti Child Labour Day observed around the world every year on June 12th. An arm of the United Nations International Labor Organization has recognized that child labor awareness on this day in 2002 - the year of the first method. The. L.. O. 138 and 182 of the intolerance of the agreements was created and inspired by the day.

Observed to date indicate the need to eliminate child labor completely. The first house on October 10, 2006, roadside shops, cafes and places such as children under the age of 14, the federal government has banned the employment of girls.

Other events are also held at the same date:

* 1898 - The Philippines declared independence from Spain.
* 1899 - United States of the hurricane, 117 people were killed in the state of Wisconsin.
* 1902 - Australia's four states allowed women to vote in the general election.
* 1934 - Political parties were banned in Bulgaria.
* 1943 - In Germany the Nazi massacre of Jews were 1,180 in western Ukraine.
* 1999 - NATO-led UN peacekeeping force entered kocovovinul.
* 2003 - The Tamil Nadu government banned the movement of the system.
* 2006 - Google Earth, released a Linux version.
* 2006 - 8 workers killed in the crossfire of militants in Kashmir. 5 people were injured.


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June 4 1973 atm machine copyrights get day

ATM. The patented machine the day: June 4 1973 atm machine copyrights get day
ATM. Vetcal kappurimattai tons of equipment, Tom Barnes, George caste of the 1973 - On June 4 - were on.

The main events on the same date: -

* 1794 - British forces in heyitti Pot - au - Prince, took over the harbor. * 1878 - Ottoman Empire gave Cyprus to the United Kingdom. * 1917 - The first Pulitzer Prizes were awarded. * 1928 - President of the Government of the Republic of China Chang Suwon handling oruvanin murdered by the Japanese. * 1939 - 963 ship carrying Jewish refugees sent back to the United States. Most of the refugees were imprisoned in Germany after the Nazi vataimukam. * 1940 - World War II: France's tankerk 300,000 British troops in the area were excluded altogether. * 1940 - World War II: German troops entered Paris nakarainul. * 1943 - Ramon kastillo lost power in a coup that took place in Argentina. * 1944 - World War II: Allied teams conquered Rome. * 1970 - tonka gained independence from the United Kingdom.

* 1973 - Don vetcal kappurimattai on the ATM machine, Tom Barnes, who won the George caste. * 1979 - A military coup in Ghana, Jerry rolinks atcipporuppai accepted the General acciyampon deposed. * 1987 - Poomalai action: Sri Lanka signed the alukaikkutpatta trespassed on the airfield on the peninsula to the Indian Air Force dropped food packages. * 1989 - China's Tiananmen Square student protest was suppressed by the army. Many students, civilians were killed. * 1989 - The Solidarity movement in Poland's general election victory of the revolution against communism in Eastern Europe kilariyatu.

* 1989 - In Russia, one of the two trains crossing natural vayukkulay 575 people were killed in the accident. * 2001 - The state House on June 1 - In the aftermath of the massacre of Nepal's royal hair cutinar kayanentira.

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May 3 1924 dmk leader karunanidhi birthday

DMK Leader Birthday: May 3 1924 dmk leader karunanidhi birthday
BC. Karunanidhi, his real name Dakshina (born June 3, 1924) was DMK leader and former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. 1969 - For the first time in Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. May 13, 2006 - the fifth time in as Chief Minister.

Karunanidhi, the Tamil film industry in the story, who was involved in the dialogue process. When we play the gallows. R.. Radha was given the title of artist. Appeyaraleye still called the supporters. Tamil Nadu Thiruvarur constituency elected in the 2011 election.

In a village near Thiruvarur district Thirukkuvalai June 3, 1924 - In the ancukam muttuvelar to her son. Dakshina his real name. Karunanidhi, during his school drama, poetry, and was more interested in literature. Inspired by the speech of the speaker alakiricami regarded as a pillar of the Justice Minister, the 13 - to the age, be fully involved in social movements.

Minister of Justice in his age of 14, inspired by one of the leaders peccinp of alakiricami, before turning to politics. Then the anti-Hindi struggle with the severity of his political thought. He lived in Thiruvarur mobilized by youth and student versions of the signature piece of the Nation. Avvilainar team back to the state of the student team created in the name of the student council. Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu produced the first led to the development of the student team.

Karunanidhi and his student team members visited several slum residents in social work, awareness of the work involved. In this position, he began to strip tantara edition of the newspaper, the magazine became. Tantara launched its first anniversary, the prerogative of the student council anittolarkalana, Ira. Netunceliyan, celebrated with matiyalakan.

1957 - Anti-Hindi conference in Tamil Nadu, the DMK strongly oppose the imposition of Hindi in the resolution passed by the federal government. October 13, 1957, the day the anti-Hindi in day to maintain a peaceful end to the masses.

Struggle led by Karunanidhi federal Hindi imposed to combat it thundered: மொழிப்போராட்டம் .. our culture, to protect our people's dignity and honor, and our party's political ideology .. meluminti the restaurant from transporting food (extraction meal), English is the one to which the food is cooked, Tamil tevaiyarintu the family, viruppamarintu, nourishing foods derived from the mother, "he said.

October, 1963, the anti-Hindi conference in Chennai (Madras), was convened. The Indian Constitution reflects the national languages ​​of federal law புரிந்துகொள்ளாமையை natattuvetena conference decided to fight flares. On November 16, Annadurai, Karunanidhi, was arrested on November 19 and released by the Supreme Court on 25 November.

He won all contested elections. 1957 - the year he stood as an independent candidate for the other party in all elections. Did not contest the 1984 election. 1957 - the year the party won the election, contested decision bathing Karunanidhi, the DMK in the Assembly for the first time step, the first time Karunanidhi led her to start the legislative history.

1967 - For the first time in Tamil Nadu, the DMK regime participated in the election. Navalar yet. Netunceliyan General Secretary and Treasurer and the Minister received on the rise. Karunanidhi DMK's early members. He, 1957 - Assembly Members since the last 40 years, has served as Chairman of the DMK.

Held the post of Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu five times.

1969-1971 - the first time after the death of Anna rule

1971-1976 - the second time in 1989 - 1991 - M. G.. R.., After the death of the third term 1996-2001 - Fourth term 2006-2011 - Fifth term

Ilaiyaraja Celebrate 71st Birthday - June 2

Composer Ilayaraja 's 71 today - celebrated birthdays . Prasad sapling grown in Saligramam  his birthday .


After the ceremony took place on the set of books written by Ilayaraja . Director Bala participate and published books . 71 thousand saplings were planted across Ilayaraja's birthday was declared to his fans . Today, all of the districts in which the trees were planted.




Birth name          Gnanadesikan

Also known as    Ilaiyaraaja, Raja

Born      2 June 1943  


Ilaiyaraaja is an Indian film composer who works predominantly in the South Indian cinema since the late 1970s. Regarded as one of the finest music composers in India, Ilaiyaraaja is also an instrumentalist, conductor, singer, and a songwriter.


Children: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Karthik Raja, Bhavatharini

Movies: Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal, Bloodstone

Siblings: Gangai Amaran, Kamalammal, Padmavathi, Pavalar Varadarajan

June 2, 2003 Mars planet research Mars Express spacecraft launch June 2 2003

June 2, 2003 Mars planet research Mars Express spacecraft launch June 2 2003

June 2, 2003 Mars planet research Mars Express spacecraft launch June 2 2003

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June 2nd 1956 Tamil director Mani Ratnam Birthday

June 2nd 1956 Tamil director Mani Ratnam Birthday

Tamil director Mani Ratnam, one of India known as the month of June 1956, was born on the same day. Love, Terror, and the city life behind and go for the middle of his style. Oscar award winner A.R.. Rakuman who had introduced the film.


Bajaj management jamnal read in school, TVS in Chennai. Worked in the company. Without help from anybody as director, his first patamakiya 'refrain anupallavi' directed picture. Nandan, who has a son with actress Suhasini married.


His pictures brief dialogue, exquisite technology and reputation. All the films he Ilayaraja and AR. R. Rahman's compositions have appeared in both. Her first film 'Pallavi anupallavi' first 'Thalapathi' Ilayaraja to score, 'Roja' to Now R. Rahman appeared in music.

Other events are also held at the same date:


• 1615 - The French Catholic matapparappunarkal of Canada's Quebec City were first.

• 1896 - Marconi invented the radio to the newly received kappurimattai.

• 1882 - Creation of modern Italy, Giuseppe Garibaldi day late.

• 1953 - Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of England, was broadcast live on television for the first time.

• 1965 - Australian cricketers Steve and Mark Waugh of Waugh birthday.

• 1966 - NASA's Surveyor 1 spacecraft landed on the moon. This is the first U.S. spacecraft landed on the moon slowly.

• 1992 - Denmark voted against the Maastricht agreement.

• 1999 - The television was introduced for the first time in Bhutan.

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