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Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 20 2006 Tamil poet suratha dead day

But you Tamil poet and writer. Attached to the speach of the poet's speach on the basis of the iyarpeyarakiya cuppurattinam changed its name to the Servant Suppu gemstone. But you, in the name of his alias as a summary of the number who voted marapukkavitai packages. He'd come in parables, poetry writing tradition intact tanippukal darts. This signified that he would tell the story of the poet.

But you iracakopalan born. Thanjavur District palaiyanur (problem) in the town of 1921 - the year Nov 23 - Born on. Parents Stevo, Shenbagam her. She attended grade school-leaving. Desikar who studied Tamil cinema situated in Arunachal. 1941 - January 14 - Familiar But you saw in the first Pavendar Bharathithasan stayed with him for some time lined up to work on his poetry. Pavendar songs transcription, print jobs are watching Pavendar publication of the book as deputy stops at several levels Pavendar But you remained in contact.


But you collata the poem titled Ponniyin Pudukkottai magazine published since 1947 - the year he published in the April issue of the introduction of a Political Poet ceyttatu inheritance. Periyar's father Pavendar puratcikkavi play, when the show was held in the presence of the Minister of Kalaivanar Pride But you played. Sun Poet Laureate poet Namakkal. Ramalingam was a child, he was the assistant.


Narayanan, who authored some of them coming out of the master and served as deputy editor of the magazine. At the time, wrote several short stories. But you tirulokacitaram poet's poems have been published in the inaugural issue of Shivaji. But you broad casting several poems in Tiruchirappalli radio. But you saw kalaiyunarvinai kuca Kirushna Moorthy  who introduced her entry into cinema. 1944 - the year mankaiyarkkaraci wrote the film's original dialogue.


He wrote songs for an extremely low level. Govindarajan situated in the voice of his two songs, Nectar and honey, what are you in arukin irukkaiyile me, and include Audi valkkaiyata, a six-foot contamata the ground. Has written over 100 songs in the movie. But you kiss of death in the first book. The V. R.. M.. Chettiar was released in March 1946. 1956 - In a classic book of pattattaraci. 1954 - Minister of the artist in the following tantara magazine wrote poetry.


1955 - The weekly magazine in the saga began. Following this literature (1958), Procession (1963), Constellation (1964), But you (1988) for the development of poetry published in many magazines. 1971 - the year of issue anantavikatan akavalkkaiyai But you wrote about the poems were well-received film actresses. The song was later collected in book form, it was the name of lime Wall (1974). But you look talaimanakkar karutattakum poet Bharathidasan's poems and other texts from the same set of Pavendar tiruvacakan strives to express, in the name kallatan caused the book to come out.


But you messages and displays a list of the world's rare home library with rare books. Apr, poetry, patrons interested in fame, was the host of admirers included some strange But you kaviyarankankalai. Kaviyarankam boat, ship kaviyarankam, airlines etc. are kaviyarankam.


He also contributed a lot in making kaviyarankukalai celebratory event. Pavendar headed tamilkkavinar perumanrattirku 1966 - selected as head. He's 84 - 20.06.2006 at the age died from illness in Chennai.

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