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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 18 1808 tamil politics kakkan birth day

Kakkan politician Date of birth: June 18 1808 tamil politics kakkan birth day
Kakkan (June 18, 1908 - December 23, 1981), freedom fighter, a member of the Indian Parliament and the Tamil Nadu Congress well (kamittit) leader, and a number of other responsibilities as secretary of state from 1957 to 1967, the Congress, was an outstanding politician. Viswanathan Kakkan Kakkan older brothers, who is a lawyer.

Kakkan June 18, 1908 - the year of the royal engagement was announced in Madurai district, a dalit family in the village of Madurai tumpaipatti born in circle. His father Kakkan priest of the village temple priest (the priest) who served. He was educated in elementary education Madurai Thirumangalam B state student hostel. Q.. My. Boys attended secondary school studies.

Kakkan his school as a student in the Congress movement itself became involved in the struggle for independence. During the day, the Dalits from entering temples and Shanars prohibited. Temple Rajaji Government authority and the right to sign the law, the law of 1939 came as a result of the Dalits in temples and Shanars nulaiya தடைசெய்யபட்டிருந்ததை repealed the law.

Kakkan Dalits in Madurai and Madurai canarkalai led and entered the temple. Exit ankileyane Kakkan participate in the operation of the Alipore jail. 1946 - won the state elections in the constituency from 1946 to 1950 and served as a member.

Kakkan Indian Parliament from 1952 to 1957 and served as a member of the Lok Sabha. In order to accept the responsibility of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Kamaraj Congress had played well (Committee) took the position Kakkan strayed away from the presidency. 1957 - Indian National Congress won re-election and took over the rule of the Madras Province work.

Public Kakkan, aricana welfare, tribal welfare minister in the April 13, 1957 - in and took over. March 13, 1962 and October 3, 1963 and served as agriculture minister. April 24, 1962, was appointed as a member of the Business Advisory Council. October 3, 1963, the interior minister of the state on the charge அப்பொறுப்பிலிருந்தார் until 1967.

Kakkan minister in charge of the flowing period, Vaigai dams were built. Seva Sangam life aricana development of Dalits. He was Minister of Agriculture in charge of the two agricultural universities started in Madras Province work. He praised the Indian government for his portrait work nattukkarriya fried issued a special stamp to honor the year 1999.

Madurai (South) constituency in the 1967 Assembly elections, the DMK candidate and his challenger Kakkan OP Raman lost. The election defeat of the Tamil Nadu Congress from 1969 to 1972 well (kamittit) head held liable. 1973 - since retired from politics.

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