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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mahatma Gandhi wife Kasthuribaba Birth Day

Mahatma Gandhi wife Kasthuribaba Birth Day

Kasturba , wife of Mahatma Gandhi 's life . He worked with the National viratattirk suitable husband . Gandhi along with the blacks in South Africa 's involvement in the anti-apartheid struggle .

Indian man jailed for having participated in the liberation war . Porbandar, Gujarat state of India, the country 's perumvanikar family kokultas Kapadia's daughter was born in 11.04.1869 , Kasturba . His mother tongue Gujarati .

1883 - At the age of 13 in his subsequent to his family, Mohandas Gandhi was married to a relative . His marriage to her husband while teaching illiterate . Melpatippirk husband in 1888 - when he went to London and stayed in India .

Actively involved in public life , Kasturba Gandhi took care of the family of responsibility . For ittampatiyinar , Harilal ( 1888 ) , Manilal ( 1892 ) , Oslo ( 1897 ) , Devdas ( 1900 ) and had four sons . Husband 's vow of non-violence , the Indian independence movement gave full co-operation throughout the life of the policy .

1897 - In tolilnimittam , the prosecutor of the city of Durban , South Africa to work with the husband went to Kasturba . Porattamayamana life where he had to . Gandhi family lived from 1904 until 1914 in Durban . Husband 's struggle against the oppression of apartheid that existed in South Africa at the Kasturba helped .

Gandhi 's nonviolent protest against the oppressive rule of Indian descent, and workers participated in the Kasturba Gandhi . 1913 - participated in the fight at the Kasturba Charity , was arrested and sentenced to three months' hard labor .

Gandhiji was arrested during protests led recoveries are credited to him . 1915 - On his return to India, Gandhi 's Indian independence battle bang . Kasturba Gandhi was closer to him . Staying in the ashram of the Indian independence movement became so . Embedded in the lung disease in early childhood , he suffered from lifelong why . However , the simple life, lived with her ​​husband .

Though he admitted to the ashram of the environment , the husband of the road as his path , he lived with an Indian family talaiviyakave . Gandhian spinning and spinning, there was work to be a model for others . During the Quit India movement ( 1942 ) and Kasturba Gandhi, Gandhi was arrested on the arrest .

Punavil both were imprisoned in the Aga Khan Palace . There , pneumonia , bronchitis asthma very upset . Sensitivity treatment and died while in prison ( 22.02.1944 ) Kasturba Gandhi .

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