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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July 1 1961 Dyana Birthday

Dyana real name is Frances Spencer. His 1961 - July 1 - was born on. Charless first wife of the Prince of Wales. Princes William and their children, Henry (Harry) and the UK, respectively, the second and third are the regent. Diana's wedding to Prince Charless agreement was reached on the day of Diana's public life was considered to be an important point.


At the beginning of their married life in the UK but also worldwide coping up to the much talked about in the media sector. Paris 1997 - on August 31 - in the world after he was killed in a road accident, he began to accumulate a huge wave of sympathy.


long eleven years after his death in April 2008, the final results of the investigation - was released in. The driver of the car road legal rules under which his death Diana, journalists behavior  as a result of the said judgment.

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