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Monday, May 5, 2014

1950 dream girl T.R.Rajakumari birthday

Today's Birthday: 1950 - dream girl in the mixing tee. R.. Princess. today birthday actress rajakumari
In the 1940's and 50's as the lead heroine in the Tamil film industry rocked d. R.. Princess birthday today. He then kanavukanni for young people. Flipped to pull the sights, partying young  building was put in the voice of Tamil Nadu.

He was the first glamor of the film industry. 1939 - kumarakulottun in his debut as heroine in the film. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar's mekahit civakavi films, starred in Haridas. Shivaji's manokara Willy appeared in the film.

Manoharan apology was received by the Alaska crude dialogue heavy. Kulepakavali MGR starred in the film. The aspiration of blood and loyal attachment to the likelihood parayata kirankatittar pretending to sing.

The first film produced in the most cost-Tamil katanayaki played in Chandralekha. Shivaji's Thangamalai secret, gold patumai, love, affection with MGR, putumaipittan, with piyu CHINNAPPA vanacuntari, has appeared in a number of films that kirusnapakti Birthdays.

1963 - In the last two films. After the retreat of the cinema. The Carnatic music singer. Even better dancers. Its proximity to the theater built in Theagaroya Chennai princess. Tanjore princess's hometown. The veteran director D. R. Ramanna's sister. He never married and lived in 1977 - in his 77 - has died at the age of.

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