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Thursday, May 15, 2014

May 16 1975 Everest climb firs lady

Toby was born in Japan junko 10 - years old when he joined the mountaineering training. Nacumalai trained to climb the peak in Japan. Showa Women's University near Tokyo, he graduated in English literature.

That one became a member of the mountaineering club. 1969 - the year the women began mountaineering club. The Japanese women's mountaineering club named.


After marriage, husband, along with several peaks for mountaineering training. Some of the highest peaks, including Mount Fuji in Japan, trained in climbing. mountain trekking in the Swiss Alpes trained. Many of the exercises in 1972 - was named coach of the year in Japan's best hiking woman.


Nikon is the Japan-based Yomiuri newspaper and television along the trekking group of women in Japan have decided to send an expedition to Mount Everest. Toby junko, including 15 women, were chosen. The training is tough for them. 1975 - At the beginning of the year were sent to Kathmandu. Local guides for 9 people were there to pick up.


1953 - the year reached Mount Everest by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing fibers on the way a group of girls went to Mount Everest.


Reached the height of Mount Everest on May 6 thousand 300-meter tent set up in the living area. The glaciers suddenly fell in the area. All the women were buried at the foot of the glacier. Toby junko lost consciousness. At that time, the women retained a guide junko Toby.


Only 12 days later, and then Toby junko 1975 - the same day of the year and culminated in the evaresat. Itaitotarntu also made ​​several achievements. Now 61 years old, he was reduced due to age, mountaineering achievements.


The main events of the same date: -


* 1811 - Joint Chiefs of Staff (Spain, Portugal, and the UK) alpuvera French troops defeated at the battle. * 1916 - Vesak festival in Jaffna, where for the first time celebrated the Sinhala people. * 1920 - In Rome, Pope Joan of Arc 15 - enshrined by the penatikttin. * 1932 - took place between Hindus and Muslims in Bombay, killing thousands. * 1960 - Theodor mayman the first laboratory in California, Hughes directed laser beam.


* 1966 - The Chinese Communist Party announced the beginning of China's Cultural Revolution. * 1967 - The city of Jerusalem was Israel's possession. * 1969 - The Soviet of 5 venera spacecraft landed on Venus. * 1975 - on the basis of the popular vote in a state of Sikkim merged with India. * 1975 - junko tapey, mutarpen Everest was reached.


* 1992 - entevar Shuttle completes his first trip back to Earth. * 2006 - Tamil Nadu temples to all castes entitled to declare the image of the priest. The cabinet decided on the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi. * 2006 – New Zealand 7.4 magnitude earthquake.

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