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Saturday, May 24, 2014

May 24 1981 Si Ba Adithan memorial day

Memorial Day Father Si.Pa. Tamil Tamils: May 24 1981 Si Ba Adithan memorial day
Tamil civilians living in the soil of worldly truth that body language to bring under one umbrella the combined live and work in the Tamil father Si.Pa. Tamils. His 1905 - on September 27 - On kayamoli born in Thoothukudi district. His father's father, the famous lawyer Si.Pa. Tamils.

C. B. If the Tamils ​​are still advocates of Tamil Nadu, has a special honor. Si.Pa. We Tamils ​​kanakam her mother, husband and son, and assistance to, and encouraging their social contribution came from the family matriarch.

Since the expansion of their assets more affluent family Si.Pa. Tamils ​​could have. However, their goal is to spread the reputation of Tamils ​​had been. Unlike other studies, go for rich children, at other times on part-time jobs, and income earned on the welfare of poor people live in their children, studies Si.Pa. Adithanar helping out.

While in Britain, who played peruncevai Si.Pa. King Wu of Singapore atittanarai industry. Ramaswamy Nadar liked very much. So, he married the daughter kovintammalai ceytukotuttu, he was marumakanakki. 1933 - the year in Singapore Si.Pa. Tamils, kovintammal marriage, it was very interesting.

Paniyarriyapote lawyer in Singapore, Ceylon, was more concerned with the public interest Si.Pa. Tamils. Maneuver made by white, Si.Pa. Vattirru atittanarai greatly. Development of Tamil, the language in the development of the Tamil people who were involved with devising a plan for his life tamilanpar Si.Pa. Tamils. Uyartamil educated ordinary people, literally can not alavukkut, katinappatuttiyatai he did not want the style of the TL.

At this stage, Singapore fell to the Japanese. It Si.Pa.  atittanarai greatly. As a lawyer who worked on the development of Singapore Tamil Si.Pa. Tamils, Tamils ​​Japanese kalakkotumaikalai talamal, family arrived in Tamil Nadu.

Language development, suffer, suffer his life to the development of Tamil in Tamil Nadu came to be that he decided to continue to play Si.Pa. Tamils, drums, Madurai, Tamil, telegraph - and - paper published in the journal simple Tamil. Manavarkalukkena 'success is definite movement in the beginning, they made educational manner.

Divided by the Tamil community to unite to achieve the desired language. The goal of the movement of NTK Si.Pa. Inaugurated. In 1967, the Tamil Nadu Legislative Council proposed him as a hero. The then Minister of Education Navalar yet. Netunceliyan then BC Minister of Public Works. Karunanidhi and seconded.

The speaker was the Si.Pa. Tamils, who came to power in bilingual legislators shall immediately made some changes in the law. The Council shall have the fate of the two languages, most people spoke English, he did not like. He is no stranger to the Tamil people to speak in English rule set.

Tamil development journalism 'journalist Guide' reporters today that he developed the best guide elements. 'Simple Tamil' nataiye he believed that the vulgar language removed. The biggest phrases writing, that he will set them in small series.

In a novel project 'ranimuttu'  simple language, the name he gave importance. He started weekly etutan Queen. At his elupattara, Tamil father disappears Tamils ​​'good Tamils' in a simple language that had been claimed to be suitable for everyone and we have to remember.

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