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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rabindranath Tagore Date of birth: May 7 1861

Rabindranath Tagore Date of birth: May 7 1861 Rabindranath Tagore birth day
Iravintarana renowned Bengali poet Tagore. His collection of poems Gitanjali in 1913 - to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. He was the first Asian Nobel Prize for Literature. He was the architect of India's national anthem Jana Gana Mana song. People called him affectionately Gurudev. Another song Amar Sonar Bangla his adopted national anthem of Bangladesh.

Pirali Brahmin from Calcutta, he began writing poetry at the age of eight. His first poem at the age of sixteen significant panucinko (Sun Lion) issued in the name of fiction. 1877 - In his first short story, drama emerged. Briefs in opposition to the British government supported the country's liberation. His numerous letters written by his efforts, he founded the Institute of the University of vicuvaparati are living through today.

The innovations introduced by the Tagore Bengal Art vilakkiyatan serious Classical forms. His novels, stories, songs, dance dramas, essays and of political topics, taluviyiruntana personal matters. Gitanjali, Gora, Baire Carey and his famous creations. His songs, short stories, novels and their respective unarccikaluk, molinataik and iyalputtanmaik and gained much popularity.

Had assembled at the house of his birth pumakalum namakalum. Sri illustrious dynasty of wealth and education. Tuventiranat Upanishads, one of his brothers learned pundit, and another famous painting in the art, a brother who served in the government district collector. Prabakaran apinintira sons of his sister, a nationally renowned art cukanentira Prabakaran graphic art and sculpture. Iravintirar born in the family of music, art, poetry and more tercciyutaiyavar fields.

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