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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May 14 1796 smallpox vaccine introduced day

Introduction of smallpox vaccine on: May 14 1796 smallpox vaccine introduced day
Smallpox (Smallpox) high infectious disease that attacks humans only. Variola major and Variola minor, which is caused by two viruses most micronutrients. V. major cause of these operate more lives. Ikkirumi takkiyavarkalul 20 to 40 percent die.

V. minor pathogen takkiyavarkalul only one percent die. Many of the survivors, (one or two) with kurutavat eyes, scars are permanent. 20 - th century due to the disease in the 300 - 500 million people have died. 1967 - In this year alone, according to the report published by the World Health Organization, 15 million people are infected by obtaining two million people died in them.

1796 Edward Jenner, a vaccine for the disease - and have discovered the power. 1978 - the year in the UK in September by Janet Parker died of the disease. After the attacks of the disease is not known anywhere.

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