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Thursday, June 12, 2014

UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon Birth day June 13, 1944

UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon day of birth: June 13, 1944 .historic event june 13 Ban Ki moon


Eighth United Nations General secretary  Ban Ki-moon. Retired as the seventh General Secretary Kofi Annan, on January 1, 2007, that they took him first. In June 1944, the same day he was born in the city cunju of Korea. Before coming to the post of general secretary of the Foreign Minister of South Korea.

Ban Ki-Moon of Seoul National University in 1970, received a bachelor's degree in international relations course. 1985 - In the Kingdom of Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School received a master's degree in the subject from the general rule.


Embassy of South Korea in the first-in-the-Moon, the Korean Foreign Affairs and has worked in a variety of responsibilities. Stopped in last year's Six Nations with regard to the production of nuclear weapons in North Korea, he was responsible for negotiations. Ban Ki-moon urging a halt to executions of Saddam Hussein's execution has been done to stop the creative efforts.


Other events held at the same date: -


* 1871 - Labrador hurricane struck, killing 300 people.


* 1881 - Janet sank a U.S. ship in the Arctic Ocean.


* 1886 - Vancouver, British Columbia, the major part of the city was damaged by fire.


* 1934 - Hitler and Mussolini met in Venice.


* 1955 - The first diamond mine discovered in the Soviet Union.


* 1983 - Pioneer 10 became the Solar System beyond the first vinkappal.


* 1987 - Tamil Movie composer G.. Thu. Prakash Kumar's birthday...

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