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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Child Labour Eradication Day: June 12, 2002

Child Labour Eradication Day: June 12, 2002 historic event june 12 child labour
Anti Child Labour Day observed around the world every year on June 12th. An arm of the United Nations International Labor Organization has recognized that child labor awareness on this day in 2002 - the year of the first method. The. L.. O. 138 and 182 of the intolerance of the agreements was created and inspired by the day.

Observed to date indicate the need to eliminate child labor completely. The first house on October 10, 2006, roadside shops, cafes and places such as children under the age of 14, the federal government has banned the employment of girls.

Other events are also held at the same date:

* 1898 - The Philippines declared independence from Spain.
* 1899 - United States of the hurricane, 117 people were killed in the state of Wisconsin.
* 1902 - Australia's four states allowed women to vote in the general election.
* 1934 - Political parties were banned in Bulgaria.
* 1943 - In Germany the Nazi massacre of Jews were 1,180 in western Ukraine.
* 1999 - NATO-led UN peacekeeping force entered kocovovinul.
* 2003 - The Tamil Nadu government banned the movement of the system.
* 2006 - Google Earth, released a Linux version.
* 2006 - 8 workers killed in the crossfire of militants in Kashmir. 5 people were injured.


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