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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Michael Jackson's Death Day: June 25, 2006

Michael Joseph Jackson (Michael Joseph Jackson, August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009) is an American pop music singer, choreographer, songwriter, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, has many faces.


Popular Jackson, the seventh child in a family of musicians. 1964 - The Jackson 5 in the band along with his four brothers joined.


Since 1971 - started to become famous in the solo concerts. Ah King of Pop (King of Pop) and MJ Named as special.

He released five albums were sold worldwide in large numbers. 1982 - In the world of mass-selling album Thriller was released in the first stage is the list. Many among the people around the world are known for forty years had been living.


The song writing, the music, song, dance, and accordingly, all mixed in between Boyle's performance as he created a new dance.


1980 - the beginning of the famous singer of the pop music world. America's first black musician who influenced many people. His music videos on MTV And was also broadcast on MTV. For this work, the music video became an important art. Jackson, who created the robot, such as munvak popular dance types. He received the dancing and music influenced many musical genres.


Funding for social services has led to a number of concerts throughout the world. But he did have sex with children 1993 - He was accused of. He said that at the end of innocence, but his comments about the evils of the general population. Paravalar American culture, to date, he was a dominant one.


2009 On June 25, he died under mysterious circumstances at his home in lasencalas. At the same time much more powerful tablet found the cause of his death.


The main events on the same date: -


1940 - France officially surrendered to Germany. 1944 - World War II: The Great Battle of the Nordic countries of Finland, against the Soviet Union began. 1950 - North Korea's invasion of South Korea after the Korean War began. 1967 - The world's first satellite television program Our World (Our World) 30 countries shown. 1975 - Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's emergency rule issued in the elections, and human rights struggles banned. 1975 - Mozambique gained independence fromPortu.


1983 - In London, the World Cup cricket final match of the West Indies won by 43 runs. 1991 - kuroveciya, cilaveniya declared independence. 1996 - Saudi Arabia, 19 American soldiers were killed in the blast that took place in the tower anger.


1997 - purokiras unmanned spacecraft collided with the Russian Mir Space Laboratory. 1998 - The first version of Windows 98 was released. 2007 - Cambodia norunkiyat the plane crashed, killing 22 members of the traveling.

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