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Monday, June 2, 2014

May 3 1924 dmk leader karunanidhi birthday

DMK Leader Birthday: May 3 1924 dmk leader karunanidhi birthday
BC. Karunanidhi, his real name Dakshina (born June 3, 1924) was DMK leader and former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. 1969 - For the first time in Tamil Nadu Chief Minister. May 13, 2006 - the fifth time in as Chief Minister.

Karunanidhi, the Tamil film industry in the story, who was involved in the dialogue process. When we play the gallows. R.. Radha was given the title of artist. Appeyaraleye still called the supporters. Tamil Nadu Thiruvarur constituency elected in the 2011 election.

In a village near Thiruvarur district Thirukkuvalai June 3, 1924 - In the ancukam muttuvelar to her son. Dakshina his real name. Karunanidhi, during his school drama, poetry, and was more interested in literature. Inspired by the speech of the speaker alakiricami regarded as a pillar of the Justice Minister, the 13 - to the age, be fully involved in social movements.

Minister of Justice in his age of 14, inspired by one of the leaders peccinp of alakiricami, before turning to politics. Then the anti-Hindi struggle with the severity of his political thought. He lived in Thiruvarur mobilized by youth and student versions of the signature piece of the Nation. Avvilainar team back to the state of the student team created in the name of the student council. Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu produced the first led to the development of the student team.

Karunanidhi and his student team members visited several slum residents in social work, awareness of the work involved. In this position, he began to strip tantara edition of the newspaper, the magazine became. Tantara launched its first anniversary, the prerogative of the student council anittolarkalana, Ira. Netunceliyan, celebrated with matiyalakan.

1957 - Anti-Hindi conference in Tamil Nadu, the DMK strongly oppose the imposition of Hindi in the resolution passed by the federal government. October 13, 1957, the day the anti-Hindi in day to maintain a peaceful end to the masses.

Struggle led by Karunanidhi federal Hindi imposed to combat it thundered: மொழிப்போராட்டம் .. our culture, to protect our people's dignity and honor, and our party's political ideology .. meluminti the restaurant from transporting food (extraction meal), English is the one to which the food is cooked, Tamil tevaiyarintu the family, viruppamarintu, nourishing foods derived from the mother, "he said.

October, 1963, the anti-Hindi conference in Chennai (Madras), was convened. The Indian Constitution reflects the national languages ​​of federal law புரிந்துகொள்ளாமையை natattuvetena conference decided to fight flares. On November 16, Annadurai, Karunanidhi, was arrested on November 19 and released by the Supreme Court on 25 November.

He won all contested elections. 1957 - the year he stood as an independent candidate for the other party in all elections. Did not contest the 1984 election. 1957 - the year the party won the election, contested decision bathing Karunanidhi, the DMK in the Assembly for the first time step, the first time Karunanidhi led her to start the legislative history.

1967 - For the first time in Tamil Nadu, the DMK regime participated in the election. Navalar yet. Netunceliyan General Secretary and Treasurer and the Minister received on the rise. Karunanidhi DMK's early members. He, 1957 - Assembly Members since the last 40 years, has served as Chairman of the DMK.

Held the post of Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu five times.

1969-1971 - the first time after the death of Anna rule

1971-1976 - the second time in 1989 - 1991 - M. G.. R.., After the death of the third term 1996-2001 - Fourth term 2006-2011 - Fifth term

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