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Friday, June 13, 2014

June 14 1928 se guevara birth day

Se guevara or El Che commonly known Ernesto Guevara de la cerna (June 14, 1928 - October 9, 1967), native to Argentina, a socialist revolutionary, physician, Marxist, politician, Cuba and many other countries (Congo) on the revolutions of the participants in the fighter many faces.

1928 Se guevara - on June 14 - the day was born in Rosario in Argentina. Icupaniya, Paz, airiciya the eldest of five children in a family lineages. His family was left-wing and pro-family politics of the very young age, he had a broad vision. His father, socialism, Juan peroninatum supporter. Thus, the Spanish Civil War Republican politicians frequently visit his home. It is guided by the ideas of socialism Alaska.


Aasma disease since he was a better player. He is a great rugby player. His attacking style of play has led to the title of pucer called him. In addition, he is very rarely a bath, he meant that the pig has the nickname of Sango.


Se guevara moved to play chess from his father, 12-year-old has played in the local circuit competitions. Growing up, and then had a lifelong interest in his poetry. Neruta, Keats, maccato, lorkka, Mistral, valejo, Wiedmann on the work of special interest to him.


Guevara's house were more than 3000 books. He was an avid reader of books and it appears to be a reason. Of these, Marx, Polk, kaite, calkari, verne, such as special interest to him was the author of the books. Moreover, Nehru, kapka, Camus, Lenin's books, such as France, Engels, Wells, purost and he wanted to read his books.


When inflated his age, he kuyiroka Latin American authors, alekriya, ikkaca, Stratford, Ontario, as asturiyas interested in my work towards. Influential individuals of the concepts, definitions, philosophical views about writing the book, he had his own suggestions. Of these, Buddha, aristtat study of the so-called tips, petrant Russell's love, exploring issues of patriotism, Jack London's ideas about society, about the death of Nietzsche's thoughts are also included. Se guevara inspired works of Sigmund Freud, often quoting him.


1948 - the year of medical studies Guevara, puvanas enrolled at the University of Buenos Aires. But 1951 - the year of the leave taken in the course of the year, together with his friend Alberto kirenato, the motor iruli traveled throughout South America. The leper colony on the banks of the Amazon in Peru a few weeks to serve the ultimate purpose of his visit was. Using the notes he had taken during the visit of the motor iruli Notes (The Motorcycle Diaries) wrote the title nulonrai. It's the New York Times bestselling book has been chosen. Then, in 2004 - in the film of the same name won awards.


Widespread poverty, oppression and disenfranchisement throughout Latin America by promoting the value, the influence of Marxist texts social inequality to be resolved through armed revolution, as Se guevara nampalanar. At the end of the journey, he was seen by the individual countries of Latin America, as part of a whole continent-wide liberation war saw only required once. Frontiers of Hispanic America's conception of Se guevara was clearly evident in his later revolutionary activities. Arjentina Guevara returned to finish his studies and graduated with a diploma in nursing in June 1953.


In July 1953, Guevara began payanamonrai again, this time, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, kostarikka, Nicaragua, honturas, went to El Salvador and other countries. Guevara went to Guatemala in December of the same year. The democratically elected government there in terms of land reforms led by President jakkopo arpens kusman and other activities of the plantation (latifundia) method to attempt to eradicate. In order to gain the experience needed to become a true revolutionary Guevara, decided to stay.


In Guatemala, Se guevara kateya akkosta Hilda got in the habit of a woman. He is an economist based in Peru, left-Revolutionary Association of the U.S. population (American Popular Revolutionary Alliance) is a member of the movement. At the political level, so he had good contacts. She introduced Guevara arpenc the hierarchy of government. and contacts with Fidel Castro, Se guevara received kiyupavaivittu exit connections. By the time he was named the Soul. A friend or comrade Che arjentina term with the material.

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