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Monday, June 23, 2014

Poet Kannadasan Birthday: June 24, 1927

Tamil film lyricist and poet Kannadasan 1927 - In June 24 - On the state of Tamil Nadu, was born in  Sirukudal Village . Cattappanar his father, mother shrines rule. 8 people who were born with. He was an early one for Rs 7,000 - brought to adoptions. He grew up in the name of his home-tion. Eighth grade reading Kannadhsan 1943 - joined the EJAKS company in Tiruvottriyur.

For Kannadhsan ponnamma, Parvati, that valliyammai 3 wives. A total of 14, including three children were born. Singer was born in Hinduism mataverrumai esai kaviyam regardless. Ceyyulilum of the poet, who has a keen interest in Bharathi's songs.


Bharatiyar respected guru stood. His 4000 - more than poetry, 5000 - Movie songs written over. The more modern, written articles. Was Poet Laureate of the State. Received the Sahitya Acadamy Award.


Due to health 1981 - In July 24 - admitted to hospital on Chicago, died Saturday, October -17. October 20 - In the United States, and his body was brought to Chennai after a state funeral in honor of the millions of people burnt in October -22.


Kannadasan Karaikudi in Sivaganga district of Tamil Nadu to commemorate the memory of Mani Madapam set Kaviarasu Kannadhsan. Kaviarasu help set Kannadhsan bust. There is no stadium. Here is operating a library with 2400 books. They are at a photo exhibition on the life history of Kaviarasu Kannadhsan.

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