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Monday, June 16, 2014

Vanchinathan Dead Day: June 17 1911

Vanchinathan Dead Day: June 17 1911. Vanchinathan dead day
Vanchinathan (1886 - June 17, 1911) was a revolutionary leader from Tamil Nadu, who fought the British Raj. Tirunelveli Collector Ash shot himself to death after killing his failure in the Department.

Red Fort in Tirunelveli District, 1886 - the year of the priest Raghupati, the couple's son was born to Mr. Vanchinathan Rukmini. Sankaran, although his real name was called vanci.

Vanci after graduating from school in the Fort in Thiruvananthapuram, the festival until the Maharaja's College of Arts and studied. Ponnammalai married the daughter of a senior in college studying munnir citaramayyar groove. Finished college, served in Punalur ranger.

The highest position in the whole struggle against the British government of the day. House. E. Chidambaram Pillai, Siva Subramanian stage of the liberation struggle vanci serious talks.

Terrorist acts against the British in India and received assistance from the French domination in Pondicherry. There was contact with the extremists. In the course of time away from work devoted to their government. With friends, get rid of the British rule and convened secret meetings. Made friends severity.

Vanchinathan, the revolutionary years in Pondicherry. Way. Prof. The priest has to stay at home. There will paratiyaraiyum Arabian. Neelkanth erukkur piramanankalin bachelor's Secret Blood revolution of the mind vanci widened further.

June 17, 1911 at 10.45 am at the intersection of Railroad maniyacci asturai Tirunelveli district collector to go to Kodaikanal with his wife sat in the cab of the first class compartment. The browser was released at the time vanci, sitting on train collector Ash Department சுட்டுக்கொன்றுவிட்டு his gun, shooting himself with the same gun and died.

Vanci of autopsies, the piece of coat he had been shot in the letter the reason for collectors, 3,000 in Chennai - indicating that there is more to her than R radicals. Vanchi Iyer, the Red Fort was enreluti. Tirunelveli Collector Ash murder case is important in the history of Indian freedom struggle.

Upon the death of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi vanci maniyacci vanci rail station - maniyacci Railroad went to the meeting. He was born in Fort vanci statue was inaugurated. He set up a memorial at the Red Fort, December 23, 2013, is open.

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