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Saturday, June 14, 2014

IBM. The company was established on June 15 1924

IBM. The company was established on June 15 1924 ibm company established day
IBM (IBM) called the International Business Machines Corporation (International Business Machines Corporation) Armonk (New York State, United States) is a multinational computer company head office  city. Computer hardware and software required for the sale of the company, and the main frame computers of different scientific fields ranging from nanotechnology, improve the infrastructure facilities, technical inputs, the fields of research serving. December 2011 - the year as the third largest company in the IBM company, is the market value of the investment.

The company in 1911 - the year tepulettin Computing Recording Company (CTR), the name of the set. The operating tepulettin Recording Company, the International Time Recording Company, the Computing Scale Corporation, and integrating the three companies, the company was born. 1924 - the year changed its name to International Business Machines IBM Corporation in the name.

Sales for the company's unique culture and identity of the Big Blue (BIG BLUE) specified by the alias. 2012 - the year the number of employees in the United States, ranking second-largest company by Fortune magazine. In the same issue of the market value of the investment company and the fourth largest in the ninth-largest company in the most profitable companies in the nineteenth largest niruvaman income and reclassified. 2012 - 31 in the world in Forbes Magazine - the largest employer gave (the list of companies in high income). In the same period (2011/2012), the company received the following ratings. Moderate brackets is the name of an organization.

1 of the company (Fortune Magazine) 1st worldwide in the green (environmental pollution low level of disclosure) to (Newsweek), 2nd in the world's largest trading company (Interbrand) 2 is of tremendous value to (boron) 5th drama company (Fortune Magazine) 18th innovative company (Fast Company)

IBM is a global company with 12 laboratory. 2013 - Following 20 years as a large number of patents registered in the company records. The company and its employees are proud to have won the following awards and prizes at various stages added. Turin awards Nobel Prizes for six of the ten National Medal of Technology for the National Medal of Science.

Important events occurring on the same date: -

* 1752 - Benjamin Franklin founded the lightning is electricity. * 1775: American Revolutionary War: George Washington was appointed commander of the U.S. Army. * 1808 - Joseph Bonaparte King of Spain cutinan hair. * 1836 - Arkansas United States in the 25 - to the state. * 1844 - Dead processing method (vulcanization) was patented by Charles Republic. * 1846 - Sri Lanka's first magazine published by the Council of the Royal Asiatic. * 1864 - American Civil War:  of U.S. forces in Petersburg, Virginia. * 1904 - In New York, 1,021 people were killed in a fire aboard the General Slocum.

* 1911 - The company was set up by IBM. * 1938 - Laszlo bhairo bubble tip pens invented in Britain. * 1944 - World War II: American troops occupied the island in thereat. * 1954 - yuehpa European Football Association was set up in Switzerland. * 1984 - Karainagar in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, the LTTE's sea plane was shot down. * 1996 - United Kingdom, Manchester, 200 people were injured in the terrorist attack. Great damaged central part of the city. * 2007 - The world's longest 34-km-long rail tunnel under the Alps in Switzerland set.

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