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Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 2nd 1956 Tamil director Mani Ratnam Birthday

June 2nd 1956 Tamil director Mani Ratnam Birthday

Tamil director Mani Ratnam, one of India known as the month of June 1956, was born on the same day. Love, Terror, and the city life behind and go for the middle of his style. Oscar award winner A.R.. Rakuman who had introduced the film.


Bajaj management jamnal read in school, TVS in Chennai. Worked in the company. Without help from anybody as director, his first patamakiya 'refrain anupallavi' directed picture. Nandan, who has a son with actress Suhasini married.


His pictures brief dialogue, exquisite technology and reputation. All the films he Ilayaraja and AR. R. Rahman's compositions have appeared in both. Her first film 'Pallavi anupallavi' first 'Thalapathi' Ilayaraja to score, 'Roja' to Now R. Rahman appeared in music.

Other events are also held at the same date:


• 1615 - The French Catholic matapparappunarkal of Canada's Quebec City were first.

• 1896 - Marconi invented the radio to the newly received kappurimattai.

• 1882 - Creation of modern Italy, Giuseppe Garibaldi day late.

• 1953 - Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of England, was broadcast live on television for the first time.

• 1965 - Australian cricketers Steve and Mark Waugh of Waugh birthday.

• 1966 - NASA's Surveyor 1 spacecraft landed on the moon. This is the first U.S. spacecraft landed on the moon slowly.

• 1992 - Denmark voted against the Maastricht agreement.

• 1999 - The television was introduced for the first time in Bhutan.

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