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Monday, June 16, 2014

Jhansi Rani died Day: June 17 1858

Jhansi Rani died Day: June 17 1858. Janshirani dead day
Or canci Rani of Jhansi Rani (November 19, 1835 - June 17 - 1858) Queen of Jhansi in North India. British rule in India during the Indian Rebellion of 1857 perumpankarri wake up in revolt against the leader கணிக்கப்படுகிறவர்.

November 19, 1835 - in a Brahmin family in Varanasi mauriyapantar - pakiratipay Jhansi Rani was born to the couple. He coined the name manikarnika parents.

He called the petition. Pakiratipay four years old when he died. He learned at an early age and riding sabers. Manikarnika mauriyapantar pitturil's father worked at the court of the Peshwa. Brought up as his own daughter manikarnikavai pittur of the Peshwa.

Raja Gangadhar Rao, who was the ruler canciyai nevalkar 1842 - to put manikarnikavai married father. Since then, the so-called ilatcumipay manikarnika Queen became Queen of Jhansi. 1851 - from the birth of their son, Damodar Rao died in four months. After the death of Damodar Rao, Raja Gangadhar Rao nevalkarum Queen ilatcumipayum adopted Anand Rao.

Then, the child was named Damodar Rao. However, from the tragedy of the loss of his son king milata kankatararav November 21, 1853 - died in utalnalamilantu.

After the late King Gangadhar Rao, Queen of Jhansi adopted son Damodar Rao regime wanted to hire. However, the then Governor ankiyela tallavuci, avakaciyili policy of the British East India Company, tattuppillaiyai officially refused to accept. If there is a direct descendant of the king, who claims to be owned by the Government of themselves, their country and the British in Jhansi decided  British 1854 - the year to March, the Rani of Jhansi Jhansi fort told us to leave the pension of Rs 60000.

However, in 1857 - the year May 10 - On the Indian Rebellion started in Meerut. Soldiers in newly issued pacuvinatum panriyinatum fat pucappattat bullets spread out and began to rebel vatantiyaiyatutte. In that case, involved a British-Indian insurgency concentrated.

Jhansi was not paying much attention. As a result, Rani Jhansi ilatcumipay ruled alone. North Central region had been quiet in India Jhansi Jhansi, to show that it was not clear what kind of risk in the face of the siege and the Queen ilatcumipa Haldi saffron festival was being organized.

But the British did have a fear of Queen ilatcumipay oppose the British. Thus, the British in 1857 - on June 8 - the British East India Company officials on Jhokan Bach's role in the assassination of Queen declared that ilatcumipay. Have on farmers and the public of the value of the Queen ilatcumipay cirkulaikkave saying.

The reason for this is that, 1858 - March 23 - He Rose on the leadership of the British force was sent to capture Jhansi. Jhansi and Tantia Tope to support the troops at the head of an army of 20,000 men was sent.

But force on March 31 - the combined forces of the British Tantia topeyin because it was unable to help the queen of Jhansi. However, they refused to surrender to the British Queen canci joined forces worked hard battle. Ilatcumipay refused to leave his country, the Queen of Jhansi, led the way for leading his troops into battle tuniccalutanum made a great and energetic. However, three days later, the British were able to gain unauthorized entry into the city.  British, goods looted and plundered the palace.

Jhansi Rani, 1858 - April 4 - hour on the night of his son escaped flowing from the wall. Rani of Jhansi Regiment of the Guard to protect the city, with women more likely to quit. * Queen ilatcumipay, Damodar ravutanum kalpi their forces went to Rao Sahib Peshwa pataiyutanum pataiyutanum of Tantia Tope joined the revolutionary forces.

Maharaja of Gwalior Gwalior jayajirav though they go to the army, defeating kottaiyonrai seized in Gwalior.

White's army camped capture of Gwalior. 1858 - On June 17 - the place kottaki ceray etirttuc Jhansi Rani fought the Whites. Unfortunately, this heroic woman died heroically attinattileye injured during the war. Three days later, the British took control of Gwalior.

He led an army against the English Rose virattuk be noted that all the revolutionary leaders and vitamuyarcik vivekattuk and ilatcumipayai praised the Queen as the most dangerous.

His heroic deeds he committed war against British rule in India today, and many folk songs and plays the  His name will always be a player who has great amarattuvam.

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