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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Historic Events of June 16 - Chittaranjan Das Birthday 1870

'National ball that everyone affectionately known as the leader of the Indian freedom fighter Chittaranjan Das, 1870 - November 5 th - Dhaka district of Bengal on vikrampur born in a wealthy family. His father worked as a legal adviser in court pupan Mohandas Calcutta. Who has the most national. Chittaranjan Das vilankiyatarku his father because they are patriotic. Cittarancantas graduated from Presidency College, Calcutta. Then choose aicies wrote to England. After returning to India, he started working as a lawyer at the Calcutta High Court. During the partition of Bengal and Sri Aurobindo, Bipin Chandra along with 'Vande Mataram' was written in the English magazine.


1917 - Since 1925 - the year he was involved in active politics. Speech of his political knowledge and potential, he became the most important person in the Indian National Congress. He wanted to develop rural industries develop. He is the leader of the self diplomacy. Hatred of untouchability and caste differences. Strive for the advancement of women. Although renowned lawyer who had sacrificed her career to fight for freedom.


1925 - In June itenal Darjeeling in its 55 - dies aged. His body was brought to the people of Calcutta was buried with honor. The flood of people gathered for a two-mile stretch.


Other events are also held at the same date:


* 1745 - British and French forces captured the island pirettan goal. It is now a part of Canada.


* 1779 - Spain declared war on Great Britain. Kipralttar siege began.


* 1819 - A 8.0 magnitude earthquake in Gujarat killed at least 2,000 people.


* 1883 - Victoria arena in the UK, 183 children were killed in the stampede.


* 1897 - Republic of Hawaii to the United States reached an agreement to co.


* 1911 - 772 grams of the meteorite crash in the state of Wisconsin is one of the damaged reservoir.


* 1940 - Lithuania originated in the communist regime.


* 1963 - The world's first woman cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova Russian spacecraft flew vastok 6.


* 1976 - 15,000 black students in South Africa, 566 students were killed in the shooting by police at a demonstration.


* 1994 - Chinese TU-154 aircraft departed 10 minutes, 160 people were killed in the explosion.

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