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Friday, June 20, 2014

Music composer. K.V.Mahadevan Dead Day: June 21, 2001

K.V. Mahadevan (March 14, 1918 - June 21, 2001), a Tamil film composer. 1942 - In 1990, he composed the first film Manonmani - Murukan in the film did work with his music.

Miracle, tillana mokanampal, Kandhan grace, Mother term Thattathe, uneducated genius, as Spring House has composed music for many famous films.


Kandhan cankaraparanam of grace and the National Award for films icaiyamaittatan. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and in the 1500 - K has composed music for more than pictures. Thu. Mahadevan. Composed of a total of 218 Tamil films.


Krishna temple in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, in the south of the town venkatacala Bhagavathar, born piccaiyammal by Mahadevan. Thiruvananthapuram King Rama Bhagavathar was his grandfather's favorite pundit.


The father was able to record guitar line venkatacala Bhagavathar. If interested in music small vayatiloye Mahadevan has not attended school. Palakantarva theater and singing in the church along with the acceptance of the role played by women.


Arunachal putappanti kavirayar systematically studied music. Viswanatha Bhagavathar time member of the band, and later studied music in Bombay, Hyderabad, Delhi, Nagpur and the concert had to go abroad.


Since 1942 Manonmani Mahadevan, paktakauri, fire mythical glory, Bhakta Hanuman, good times, matana Mohini composing music for films in the Tamil film industry of its own to maintain a stable position.


Matana Mohini B movie. Leela sang along with the song.


2001 - On June 21 - passed away on.

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