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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment on June 12, 1964

Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment on June 12, 1964. historic event june 12 nelson mandela
Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first democratically-elected president. Before that he was one of the leading fight against racism.

In a country where the majority of South African blacks. The white minority. But power was vellaiyarkalitame. In 1939, at the age of 21, the convergence of black youth, black people, willing. They are denied the right to vote. They have to get permission to travel in their own nattinulleye. Landlords would be prohibited in the presence of black people in the room chanting, the Crusaders began to struggle in the way he led the military wing of the African National Congress. Unconventional warfare, guerrilla attacks carried out against the apartheid state.

The 1962 - on August 5 - were rounded up and arrested by the police on Nelson Mandela was found guilty of attempting to overthrow the South African government. Mandela in 1964 - in June and was sentenced to life imprisonment on the same day. He was 46 years old. He started out on 27 years of continued duress.

Mandela's 27-year imprisonment, racial harassment is evidenced by the widely known. Robben Island prison, most of the time he spent in a small jail cell. After his release in 1990, the new South African Republic blossomed in a peaceful manner. Mandela, who was one of the highest in the world-respected leaders. In the year 2013, December 5 - 95 days - died at the age.


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