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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Day: June 23, 1980

Former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Feroze Gandhi, the younger son Sanjay Gandhi. Class limited to 11 attended, Sanjay attended college. Rolls-Royce in the UK known as the Crew joined the company. He had a keen interest in racing cars, aircraft had a valid driver's license. His brother Rajiv, who withdrew from politics, business and the conduct of pilot, Sanjay chose to remain close to his mother.

Sanjay's influence with his mother, it seems that the state of emergency was declared firmly. State of emergency was in force (1975-1977) Sanjay is clear that increased his power. He was not elected to any office. Which held a desk. However, the influence of his new Cabinet ministers, high-ranking government officers and police officers began. While many ministers and officials resigned in protest, Sanjay reportedly appointed freshman to their work.


Activities of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Minister Sanjay gave him orders, and later Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral, a well-known example is the abandonment process. Sanjay Gujral opposed to anger, reportedly refused to take orders from an unelected person.


Sanjay Gandhi, Maneka Gandhi married younger in age than him. Their married life was filled with turmoil. Yet their marriage. They had a son Varun Gandhi. His relationship with his elder brother Rajiv. In 1977, after the defeat of Rajiv deeply affected by his mother's condition. According to Frank's biography of Indira, Indira and Rajiv directly blamed as the cause of the condition canjaytan. This, Sanjay and his mother and the government's destructive influence to make sure that you lead.


Sanjay Gandhi, in New Delhi in an air crash near Safdarjung Airport in June 1980 matan died on the same date. He was driving one of the airline's new plane Delhi. Performing a loop over his Office, the plane lost control and crashed. The only passenger in the plane and died in the military avvipat Subhas Saxena.

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